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Re: PHP Nuke <= 7.8 Multiple SQL Injections
From: Paul Laudanski <zx () castlecops com>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 00:43:42 -0400 (EDT)

On 12 Sep 2005 r.verton () gmail com wrote:

Software: PHP Nuke 7.8
Type: SQL Injections
Risk: High

PHP Nuke 7.8 is prone to multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities.
These issues are due to a failure in the application to properly sanitize user-supplied input before using it in SQL 

In the modules.php

$result = $db->sql_query("SELECT active, view FROM ".$prefix."_modules WHERE title='$name'");

The $name variable is not checked so you could inject malicious SQL Code. In an file which is included whe have the 
following code:

http://www.example.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=[SQL] - here the same as above, send this via POST to
bypass the 'union'-cover




The $name variable and others like $sid are expected via $_GET and not 
$_POST.  The proper start to sanitizing the data here is to ensure that 
$name is obtained via $_GET and not injected by $_POST, $_COOKIE, or 
anything else.

Since you did two things I'm avidly against:

1) no vendor contact information
2) no suggested patches

I wanted to reply and alert folks who run PHP-Nuke and its forks since 
after running a cursory search on some popular PHP-Nuke sites I saw 
nothing about this:


About the above suggestion.

To be specific, find the modules.php file and check for the first instance 
of "$name".  An example:

"if (isset($name)) {"

Prior to that, simply put in such a line:

$name = $_GET['name'];

You're forcing the $name variable to be set by the HTTP GET request, 
rather than inject a value by a cookie or post ($_COOKIE, $_POST 

The same applies to the rest of the code for other variables.

Paul Laudanski, Microsoft MVP Windows-Security
CastleCops(SM), http://castlecops.com

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