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Re: recursive DNS servers DDoS as a growing DDoS problem
From: "Geo." <geoincidents () nls net>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 22:45:52 -0400

Geo, the default is bad. However, it is not a Microsoft issue, this is a
spoofing issue. Many like to bash Microsoft, some hate them. Myself I am
known as a Microsoft critic at times.

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not bashing MS or even being a critic
(although I have been at times), heck I played sysop on CIS:WINNT for 7
years and was an NT MVP for at least that long so just recognize my comments
are coming from an intimate understanding of the MS user base and product
default values. (enough on MS)

Why are we arguing on the colour of bytes when we could be discussing
making trivial spoofing a thing of the past?

I agree, and ingress/egress filters for all except major backbones are
really quite easy to put in place. I don't even see resistance to the idea,
just a lot of people who don't know it needs to be done or why. Certainly
Paul Vixie's interview the other day will help (he did a very nice job of
getting the word out) but this really needs a big flood that makes all the
news casts and then the media has to mention the fix.


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