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Re: recursive DNS servers DDoS as a growing DDoS problem
From: Simon Boulet <simon () nostalgeek com>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 12:34:22 -0400

gboyce wrote:

I haven't heard anyone talk about requiring that users use their ISP's DNS server. Just that they should not be able to use any random DNS server on the internet.

What is stopping you from running your own local DNS server? My system at home runs named in a configuration that allows any systems on my local network to query from it. That's what I use as my authoritative nameserver.


People tend to forget that authoritative nameservers can also be used if you know what zone to query for. How about sending spoofed packets to ns1.msft.net asking for microsoft.com?

Amplification attacks can be performed on any UDP service that responds with a reply packet larger than the initial query packet.

All DNS servers are at risk, some servers will produce lower amplification factors than others.


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