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Re: Re: Flaw in OpenOffice.org 2.1: OpenOffice 2.1 is vulnerable to MS Word 0 day vulnerability!!!
From: ox90x86 () hotmail com
Date: 16 Dec 2006 13:43:27 -0000

Do you happen to have a printout of the register states at the time of the crash.  Also, is ncpN user definable?? as 
you seemed to be correct in your calculation of 6*587202560+4=3523215364 and that amount of zero's being written.  But 
i guess you never know, if you will notice also maybe something else is going on here because at the look of this the 
buffer is always .75(in decimal) over, ex: if ncpN were userdefineable(as i havent tested yet) and lets say the value 
was just for shits 500, then the ultimate calculated value of the allocated pPLCF_PosArray == 500.75, same as if it 
were 600 it would ultimatly == 600.75.  why they did such weird buffer allocation im lost on though, (problem == either 
me sleep deprived or microsoft itself, you decide :-) ). The original had to do with i think an argument overflow from 
when the 5th argument was passed to sub_304536D3 from offset 0x274 in the original testcase. The value there is 
0x23000000, from there that value was multiplied by
  4, and then subtracted by 1 at address 030193fd6 and then added to a pointer at 0x3019300b.  this is actually 
contrary to the post at http://research.eeye.com/html/alerts/zeroday/20061212.html where it was stated that the address 
was first subtracted and then multiplied if in fact the resulting return address is 0x8bfffffc or even remotely close 
to it would have meant that 0x23000000*4-1=0x8bffffff, but from the way they explained it 0x23000000-1*4=0x22fffffc... 
maybe im wrong or something....... If this is the case then exploitation would only mean changing the address at 0x274 
to fit for the calculation and then be pointed at the address of shellcode stored where the "AAAA" is at in the 
document in memory. if this is the exact same flaw that is. But as again im just rambling and need register addresses 
if someone could give me some.  Thank you. WARNING: some info contained in this post could be wrong. Don't hold it 
against me :-)

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