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SMF fgets off-by-one issue and filter size evasion
From: josecarlos.norte () gmail com
Date: 25 Oct 2006 19:47:31 -0000

SMF fgets off-by-one issue and filter size evasion

Author: Jose Carlos Norte
Discovered by: Jose Carlos Norte
Risk: Medium
Type: DoS
Version: ALL

1. Introduction

Simple machines forum is a popular scalable free bulletin board system written in php over mysql database, the url of 
the project:


2. The problem

Smf can allow the users to have a remote avatar, this avatar is shown in the topics where the user send messages.

The problem is that smf checks the remote avatar for test if the size is in a valid range.

From Sources/Subs.php (1578 yo 1069):

function url_image_size($url)
        // Get the host to pester...
        preg_match('~^\w+://(.+?)/(.*)$~', $url, $match);

        // Can't figure it out, just try the image size.
        if ($url == '' || $url == 'http://' || $url == 'https://')
                return false;
        elseif (!isset($match[1]))
                return @getimagesize($url);

        // Try to connect to the server... give it one full second.
        $temp = 0;
        $fp = @fsockopen($match[1], 80, $temp, $temp, 1);

        // Successful?  Continue...
        if ($fp != false)
                // Send the HEAD request.
                fwrite($fp, 'HEAD /' . $match[2] . ' HTTP/1.1' . "\r\n" . 'Connection: close' . "\r\n" . 'Host: ' . 
$match[1] . "\r\n\r\n");
                // Read in the HTTP/1.1 or whatever.
                $test = substr(fgets($fp, 11), -1);

                // See if it returned a 404/403 or something.
                if ($test < 4)
                        return @getimagesize($url);

        // Didn't work.
        return false;

a remote server is modified, can send false values to head requests, and a 999999999999x9999999999 will bypass the 
aditionally, if the server don't do any response against head requests, php script will stop in fgets until php kill it,
on time_limit, the result is that any topic where the malicious user send a message becomes unreadable for all users.

3. SOlution 

changue function to:

function url_image_size($url)
        return false;

and don't try to check the size of remote images!

I was unable to contact smf developer team, again.

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