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[ MDVSA-2010:160 ] cacti
From: security () mandriva com
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:56:01 +0200

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 Mandriva Linux Security Advisory                         MDVSA-2010:160

 Package : cacti
 Date    : August 24, 2010
 Affected: Corporate 4.0, Enterprise Server 5.0

 Problem Description:

 Multiple vulnerabilities has been found and corrected in cacti:
 Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in Cacti before
 0.8.7f, allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or
 HTML via the (1) hostname or (2) description parameter to host.php,
 or (3) the host_id parameter to data_sources.php (CVE-2010-1644).
 Cacti before 0.8.7f, allows remote authenticated administrators to
 execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in (1) the FQDN
 field of a Device or (2) the Vertical Label field of a Graph Template
 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in
 include/top_graph_header.php in Cacti before 0.8.7g allows remote
 attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the graph_start
 parameter to graph.php.  NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of
 an incorrect fix for CVE-2009-4032.2.b (CVE-2010-2543).
 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in utilities.php in Cacti
 before 0.8.7g, allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script
 or HTML via the filter parameter (CVE-2010-2544).
 Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in Cacti before
 0.8.7g, allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML
 via (1) the name element in an XML template to templates_import.php;
 and allow remote authenticated administrators to inject arbitrary web
 script or HTML via vectors related to (2) cdef.php, (3) data_input.php,
 (4) data_queries.php, (5) data_sources.php, (6) data_templates.php, (7)
 gprint_presets.php, (8) graph.php, (9) graphs_new.php, (10) graphs.php,
 (11) graph_templates_inputs.php, (12) graph_templates_items.php,
 (13) graph_templates.php, (14) graph_view.php, (15) host.php, (16)
 host_templates.php, (17) lib/functions.php, (18) lib/html_form.php,
 (19) lib/html_form_template.php, (20) lib/html.php, (21)
 lib/html_tree.php, (22) lib/rrd.php, (23) rra.php, (24) tree.php,
 and (25) user_admin.php (CVE-2010-2545).
 This update provides cacti 0.8.7f, which is not vulnerable to these



 Updated Packages:

 Corporate 4.0:
 4134297861a2b57c17204497c8e474d1  corporate/4.0/i586/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1.20060mlcs4.noarch.rpm 
 df74ca45bbe47160463f323828953474  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1.20060mlcs4.src.rpm

 Corporate 4.0/X86_64:
 e61de1b8ead28de422c10643f60d3f91  corporate/4.0/x86_64/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1.20060mlcs4.noarch.rpm 
 df74ca45bbe47160463f323828953474  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1.20060mlcs4.src.rpm

 Mandriva Enterprise Server 5:
 7c9ae55dc3374c1c7fa848764447cf11  mes5/i586/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1mdvmes5.1.noarch.rpm 
 ab0da7a454014b307109c50308b5ab9f  mes5/SRPMS/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1mdvmes5.1.src.rpm

 Mandriva Enterprise Server 5/X86_64:
 fcda5deb37036ee6c5a784501ec32e70  mes5/x86_64/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1mdvmes5.1.noarch.rpm 
 ab0da7a454014b307109c50308b5ab9f  mes5/SRPMS/cacti-0.8.7g-0.1mdvmes5.1.src.rpm

 To upgrade automatically use MandrivaUpdate or urpmi.  The verification
 of md5 checksums and GPG signatures is performed automatically for you.

 All packages are signed by Mandriva for security.  You can obtain the
 GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team by executing:

  gpg --recv-keys --keyserver pgp.mit.edu 0x22458A98

 You can view other update advisories for Mandriva Linux at:


 If you want to report vulnerabilities, please contact


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 pub  1024D/22458A98 2000-07-10 Mandriva Security Team
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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