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Re: All your keyboard are belong to us
From: Martin Vuagnoux <dailydave () vuagnoux com>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 16:56:18 +0200

Thierry Zoller a écrit :
Dear Martin,

Very  interesting,  could  you  elaborate  on your experiences, with a
running  laptop (lcd/tft turned on) ? Is the attack still feasiable to
a 100% ? What influences does the emissions from the PC or Screen have
and do they make the attack "impossible" ?

Hi Thierry,

We removed power supply and LCD monitor because there are already known 
attacks which use them. In the paper we show how they can be used to 
improve the  eavesdropping rang. If you look at the video, you see three 
LCD displays in the room, with 3 computers (I don't count the laptop). 
They were all running and emitting electromagnetic waves, but the 
frequency range used by keyboards is preserved. It's generally not a 
problem. Printers may create bigger interferences when they are printing.

In the paper, we show that we can even distinguish multiple keyboards 
(sharing the same model) in a computer room (our student computer which  
PC's with LCD and CRT monitors).

We spend a lot of time to have a practical attack, which can be really 
used. These videos show the worst case for us: 802.11n base stations and 
something like 60 computers on the same floor with a computer cluster 
and printers just 2 room away. However, I cannot garantee that these 
attacks are 100% reliable. We tried to do our best to have more than 
just a proof of concept which works in an anechoidal room. I can say 
that it took a *lot* of time to go from the anechoidal room to a real one.

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