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Re: The Neutron Star
From: Mohammad Hosein <mhtajik () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 01:15:43 +0430

such articles do not present facts regarding possible IP theft by NSA , as
i am sure you are unable to present any credible source offering the same
done or being done by a nice office at PLA/MSS where China based industry
can go fill an application request for confidential data from some intel
empowered actor ( say.. ZTE has official relationship with PLA/MSS
constantly asking for their secret data on Motorola ? as if ZTE cannot hire
a bunch from underground and they "need" to go asking of the "state" ? --
funny ) . with that in mind , i am suggesting you take a sometime and
review how many times USG has been caught LYING on major issues , including
but not limited to the chemical agents in Iraq . please take a look at
official testimonies , senate discussions and all the media activity in
that time frame and later take a look at "Collin Powell" false claims later
admitted by himself and while you are at it maybe you want to take a look
at the Rafid Ahmed Alwan story , the curveball . i have not seen
revelations from china similar to what we have learned from Bradly manning
and Edward Snowden cases , so the "claim" US industry might have against
China is waiting for evidences . meanwhile we have credible enough
evidences proving USG and particularly US IC's involvement in "capital
crimes" of many strips . when a US official says - on record - "the war in
iraq was largely about Oil" i'd be expecting any other types of corruption
, including but not limited to corporate espionage .

the key role player here is not a legally accepted proof , it is how a
system projected itself with dual standards . obviously there is vast
difference in how administration work in US and China and i understand what
dave refers to saying US based business can not go directly ask NSA for
data on some competitor . thing is , people who learned a lesson from the
"Clipper Chip" story and similar issues of the same nature do not really
buy a ticket to legal theater presented by USG officials . i bet this is
the "mindset" at the core of Russia/China and other media outlets
celebrating the Snowden case .


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 8:47 PM, Richard Bejtlich <taosecurity () gmail com>wrote:

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 7:28 PM, Jonathan Brossard <endrazine () gmail com>wrote:

Dear list,

It seems all of you denying even the possibility of economical espionage
were proved very wrong by the recent developments :

unless of course you consider the European Union as a "terrorist" group.

How exactly does that article, or any "recent developments," contradict
the fact that the US IC doesn't steal trade secrets on behalf of US


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