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Re: INFILTRATE 2014 Movie Release: Dickie George
From: Dave Aitel <dave () immunityinc com>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 15:14:51 -0400

So I wanted to point out that in fact Dickie George said nothing to
indicate that the US did economic espionage of the type China does.
Large contractual bids are often valid intelligence, but if these never
get handed over to the domestic competition, then having an intelligence
analyst review them is not economic espionage, and I think you have
perhaps misheard something in the video of the INFILTRATE 2014 keynote.
Keep in mind the US negotiates many agreements on a State to State basis
with other nations. . .


On 6/15/2014 12:13 PM, Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Dave Aitel <dave () immunityinc com> wrote:
Immunity doesn't do a mass release of the videos for INFILTRATE, but
some of them are coming out! Here is the first one from 2014's
conference, Dickie George's keynote talk on his time at the NSA and
various things that are important.

This was a really insightful keynote and is important. Of particular
importance is the fact that Dickie George confirms the NSA performs
routine economic espionage to win contractual international bids,
despite all the rebuttals from NSA and their champions. This has been
opined for a long time by cypherpunks like Jacob Appelbaum who has
access to a lot of ex-NSA insider whistleblowers and helped Snowden
escape to Russia. I know Mr. Dave Aitel (ex-NSA) thinks people like
Edward Snowden (and Jake) are the most evil people in the world, but
if the White House -- as public officials representative of the
American people -- would just tell the truth, then perhaps we could
vote properly about such issues. Because our government lies about
such things, only whistleblowers can shed light on the true state of
the world, which is vastly different than public officials lead us to
believe. Until that time, whistleblowers like Snowden have little
choice other than to hold the government accountable.

Public officials are supposed to lead public lives and be held
publicly accountable. This is primarily the job of our media. Private
citizens are supposed to live private lives and retain their privacy.
What we see in 2014 (really since 2001) is that this dichotomy is
actually flipped. Public officials are living secretive, unaccountable
lives while private citizens have their secrets completely exposed to
surveillance. This is a violation of the fourth amendment. So, if you
respect the constitution at all, you may choose to re-think your
perspective on Snowden.

From another perspective, I think we all agree that the NSA is
necessary for protecting us from the ~really bad stuff~ in the world.
We can all agree on that. But hopefully, we can find a balance where
both privacy is retained and the majority of bad stuff is prevented.
You can't prevent ~all the bad things~ / terrorism no matter what the
NSA black budget is, just like even if you had a corporate budget of
$100,000,000,000, you could not prevent a sophisticated hacker from
successfully penetrating your network...

What follows are links exposing the lies from public officials to
private citizens:

16:29that the NSA through the state department gave Boeing
16:33a number to bed when bidding against Airbus so the state surveillance
16:36mechanism was using corporate espionage so that Boeing could win
because what's
16:40good for boeing is good for america
16:42so that they could win a bid against Airbus that's crazy to think
of it being
16:46used that way
16:47but it wasn't created for that all it was created so that people could see
16:50secure and may be safe from some serious violence

0:31there is a significant an important
0:35distinction between the gathering intelligence for national security
0:39which the United States does and surely China does and virtually every other
0:43nation on earth
0:44does and the gathering economic data
0:47for the purpose of providing a _competitive advantage_ to
0:53country like two companies in your own country that is not
something that the
0:57United States does

6:00 -- NSA: ~if we are negotiating with other countries, the would
like to know what the positions are (to win the bid)~

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