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Data Loss covers large-scale personal data loss and theft incidents. This archive combines the main list (news releases) and the discussion list.

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Tech Firms Ask Congress to Redefine Medical Privacy Rules Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

Tech firms, including Amazon.com Inc., are asking Congress to redefine the
rules on medical privacy, saying the potential risks of disclosure should
be weighed again against the potential benefits of wider sharing and easier
access to crucial health data.

Executives of tech companies and health organizations have told the House
Energy and...

The Home Depot Data Breach Shines a Light on CIOs' Lackadaisical Attitude Toward Data Defense Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

The Home Depot last week confirmed it's investigating "unusual activity"
concerning its customer data after an investigative report revealed
possible fraudulent activity on the company's payment systems.

The report pointed to the possibility of The Home Depot's systems being
under attack since April. If true, this potential data breach would be...

Security Breaches Trigger Retail’s B ig Players to Call for Major Tech Changes Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

The possible credit card breach at Home Depot Inc. prompted the retailer to
speed up its implementation of chip-reading credit card terminals. Major
credit card companies, too, have announced they will accelerate efforts to
bolster electronic payments security and protect sensitive customer data.
These moves could have a large impact...

What is Congress Doing About Cyberthreats and Hackers? Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

The recent disclosures that hackers had made off with nude celebrity photos
stored on Apple’s iCloud and credit card information collected by Home
Depot were just the latest in a seemingly endless series of
headline-grabbing data thefts. But the timing was propitious, given that
the Senate is resuming work on a long-overdue bill to protect online data

Personal data breaches cease to slow down Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

A little more than a year ago, discount hardware store Harbor Freight Tools
had what was considered the largest data breach in 2013.

But data breaches have ceased to slow down and continue to impact more and
more customers of even larger retail outlets.

Michael’s Stores Inc., P.F. Chang’s, Neiman Marcus, Supervalu and Sally
Beauty have all been hit....

The #Cloud, Security and Breaches – Are the Barbarians at the Gate? Audrey McNeil (Sep 16)

Target. Home Depot. Community Health Systems. Nieman Marcus. Their names
have been all in the news over the past year, though probably not in a way
they would like. All have had very public data breaches affecting anywhere
from 350,000 (Nieman Marcus) to 4.5 million (Community Health Systems)
customers. Add the recent high-profile celebrity nude photo hacking scandal
and cloud security has become...

Why the CIO should 'own' IT security Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

IT security has been in the spotlight recently, culminating with several
high-profile CIOs losing their jobs over security breaches. Many inside and
outside the CIO office have been suggesting that IT security is too complex
a discipline to be managed by the CIO, who is also tasked with everything
from managing infrastructure, to setting technology strategy, to overseeing...

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

Home Depot has confirmed that its payment data systems have been breached,
potentially impacting customers using payment cards at its U.S. and
Canadian stores since April.

There is no evidence that the breach affected stores in Mexico or customers
who shopped online at HomeDepot.com, the home improvement retailer
confirmed Sept. 8.

Home Depot also says there is no evidence...

NATO Declares Joint Cyber Defense Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

NATO leaders have agreed that a cyber-attack on one member nation could be
treated as a cyber-attack on all members, meaning the alliance could
respond by launching military or cyber attacks against an adversary.

"Today, we declare that cyber-defense is part of NATO's core task of
collective defense," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says.


Small businesses face big cyber-risks Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

Is your business prepared for the cost, liability and potential business
interruption of a data breach? Your business being hit by ID-theft
criminals is a frightening thought, but one you should consider. Thousands
of small businesses experienced a data breach around the same time as
Target was making headlines, according to a Department of...

Use Apple iCloud hack to sell employees on security culture Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

We've all heard about the hundreds of nude photos and videos of
high-profile celebrities leaked en masse last weekend. The news has led
many security experts and Hollywood elite alike to pontificate on Apple
iCloud's culpability in this leak.

Apple has denied that the leak was a result of a breach in its iCloud

Prepare for the Attack of the Data-Sucking Cyber Zombies Audrey McNeil (Sep 15)

The data-sucking cyber zombies have attacked again! This time, the nation’s
fourth largest retailer, Home Depot, possibly fell victim to malicious and
vengeful acts of sophisticated hackers who exposed customer information
that could affect all of the chain’s 2,200 stores.

Following in the wake of the most recent data security breaches involving
Target, PF Chang’s and Sally Beauty, this week’s...

Computers for Hire Send JPMorgan Data to Russia Audrey McNeil (Sep 12)

JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s own investigators have found clues that a global
network of computers available for hire by sophisticated criminals was used
to reroute data stolen from the bank to a major Russian city, according to
people familiar with the probe.

Like street magicians using sleight of hand, the hackers tapped computers
from Latin...

I Feel Nothing: The Home Depot Hack And Data Breach Fatigue Audrey McNeil (Sep 12)

How many megahacks have we consumers faced in recent memory?

Well, there was that Target one that affected something like 110 million of
us. Earlier this year, Open SSL, the protocol that protects much of the
Internet, was hit by the Heartbleed bug and exposed most of us. Then there
was news that hackers got 1 billion email and other sign-in credentials
this summer.

This weekend, the Internet...

Are breaches inevitable? Audrey McNeil (Sep 12)

Is there a reason that data breaches have been happening at a rapid clip
lately? And is there more that we, as security managers, should be doing to
make sure that our own companies don’t join the ranks of the breached?

Home Depot is the latest company to make headlines for a potentially big
data breach, and it just might be the biggest one yet. The current...

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