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Data Loss covers large-scale personal data loss and theft incidents. This archive combines the main list (news releases) and the discussion list.

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What Is A Man-In-The-Middle Attack? Security Jargon Explained Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

A man-in-the-middle attack is difficult to identify and defend against.
MITM attacks generally don’t depend on infecting computers on either end of
the system. Instead, they depend on controlling the communications
equipment between two systems. For example, a malicious router offering
free Wi-Fi in a public location may perform a man-in-the-middle attack.

An Offline...

Majority of U.S. Adults Believe Companie s Generally Do a Good Job of Protecting Their Customers ’ Personal Information and Privacy Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

While a majority of U.S. adults do see the risks involved with companies
having access to their personal information, six in ten (58%) feel that
generally speaking, companies in the U.S. do a good job of protecting their
customers’ personal information and privacy , including one in ten (11%)
who feel that they do a very good job, according to a new poll of over
1,000 adults...

IT security pros prioritise new tech over training Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

In their ‘Roadblocks, Refresh & Raising the Human security IQ' study, the
two companies surveyed nearly 5,000 security professionals across the globe
with at least 10 years' experience each and discovered a whole host of
topical issues, from limited cyber security knowledge among the C-suite to
concerns around current security systems....

Cybersecurity Info Sharing Bill Draws Criticism Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

Privacy advocates are escalating their objections to the Cybersecurity
Information Sharing Act that overwhelmingly passed the Senate Intelligence
Committee last week.

Experts who have reviewed the legislation, as amended by the committee, say
CISA, as the bill's known, is not substantially different than the Cyber
Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,...

You Should Treat Public Computers Like Public Bathrooms Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

When I was in college, the main campus library had several computers set up
on the first floor for public use, and invariably, whenever I used one, a
previous user had not logged out of her Gmail account. So when I tried to
load my account, I would instead find myself staring at the entire contents
of someone...

Security undermined by companies investing in the wrong areas Audrey McNeil (Jul 22)

More than 96% of organisations experienced a significant IT security
incident in the past year, according to a new report from network security
solutions provider ForeScout Technologies conducted by IDG Connect. The
majority of IT organisations are aware that some of their security measures
are immature or ineffective, but only 33%...

Your Biggest Security Threats are Convenience and Ignorance Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

Data breaches are problems that don’t just affect the largest firms out
there. A quick look at our recent infographic The Crippling Cost of Data
Loss reveals a lot about data breaches. For instance, businesses lost an
average of $3 million dollars in the US due to lost business as a result of
data breaches in 2013.

You’d think most of these breaches...

Small Businesses at Big Risk for Data Breaches Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

An article this weekend in the Los Angeles Times detailed numerous examples
of Southern California businesses that became victims of data breaches, in
spite of what they thought were their best efforts to secure their data.
The lesson? According to one business owner: "It's not a question of if
you're going to have identity theft. It's a question of when...

Businesses Can't Ignore Cyberthreats, Experts Warn Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

Target’s infamous data breach is a textbook case of cybercrime: About 70
million records compromised after hackers reportedly entered the retailer’s
computer network using an outside service company’s limited access.

The retailer’s security team ignored warnings, not yet trusting a new
detection system, until federal officials finally alerted them. Once the

Target, other hacked companies face SEC scrutiny over disclosure Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has opened investigations of
multiple companies in recent months examining whether they properly handled
and disclosed a growing number of cyberattacks.

The investigations are focused on whether the companies adequately guarded
data and informed investors about the impact of...

Data Breaches: What Retailers Need to Know About Malware Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

And the hits just keep on coming. Retailers across the country are falling
prey to cyber attacks, with one of the latest announcements coming from
Michaels and its subsidiary Aaron Brothers.

Based on the information filtering out from Michaels, it appears the firm
was a victim of an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack. APTs are based
on malware that is...

6 Tips for Using Big Data to Hunt Cyberthreats Audrey McNeil (Jul 18)

Ask 10 different people what big data is, and you may get 10 different
answers. For the sake of this article, big data refers to the mining of
usable information from the large amounts of data being created around the
world every day. While companies look to take advantage of all this data to
improve operations, increase sales, and lower costs,...

Fwd: Important Notice Alton Blom (Jul 18)
Here's a recent notification for breach in 2011 for an australian company.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: CatchOfTheDay Newsletter <newsletter () edm catchoftheday com au>
Date: Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Important Notice

[image: Catch of the Day] [image: Catch of the Day] [image:
Catch of the Day]

Data security is very important to us, which is why we need to let you know
about some developments...

Interpreting Cyber Risk Trends Audrey McNeil (Jul 16)

There's no scarcity of metrics on the cyber threats facing financial
institutions. Software and hardware vendors and many consulting firms often
publish reports from their data or experiences. Reviewing these reports can
take hours, and with time as the scarcest of resources, administrators need
to be able to zero in on the most...

What is an Advanced Persistent Threat? Audrey McNeil (Jul 16)

If you’ve ever seen a movie where the bad guys are using ongoing, invasive
hacking to spy on their “enemy,” you have some familiarity with an advanced
persistent threat (APT).

This term usually refers to an attack carried out by a group that targets a
specific entity using malware and other sophisticated techniques to exploit
vulnerabilities in the target’s systems....

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