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Thursday, 01 October

Extortion of 700,000 ? Al

Friday, 02 October

Soldiers' Data Still Being Downloaded Overseas, Firm Says lyger
Probe Targets Archives' Handling of Data on 70 Million Vets lyger

Saturday, 03 October

MA: Blue Cross physicians warned of data breach lyger

Monday, 05 October

NY: Email error sends out students' Social Security numbers lyger

Tuesday, 06 October

update: 850, 000 doctors could be hit by potential data breach from insurer's stolen laptop lyger

Thursday, 08 October

FL: Personal Documents Found In Palm Springs Dumpster kirniki
2 lawmakers demand JPMorgan detail customer data breach lyger

Saturday, 10 October

Catalog of different kinds of breach costs? lyger

Tuesday, 13 October

NC: Hospital Says Patient Personal Data Possibly Compromised kirniki
Has "Data Loss" Jumped The Shark? lyger
fringe: Big-Box Breach: The Inside Story of Wal-Mart's Hacker Attack lyger

Wednesday, 14 October

MD Bank Dumps Identities into Trash kirniki
Va. Lost Data for More Than 100, 000 Adult-Education Students lyger
Army Special Forces document leaked on P2P network security curmudgeon
CSULA: Private Student Info Leaked kirniki

Thursday, 15 October

articles for Dataloss Digest consideration Jeremy Simon
Data breach puts 333, 000 dental patients' records at risk Brandt, Allen

Friday, 16 October

FL: Laptop containing Halifax patient information stolen lyger
Costs of a data breach Sasha Romanosky
PayChoice Suffers Another Data Breach security curmudgeon
Adviser fined $100, 000 for violating Regulation S-P for failing to install antivirus software Sasha Romanosky

Monday, 19 October

Schwarzenegger vetoes update to breach disclosure law Al

Tuesday, 20 October

fringe: Medical Records: Stored in the Cloud, Sold on the Open Market security curmudgeon
ChoicePoint to Pay Fine for Second Data Breach lyger

Wednesday, 21 October

outsourced data for sale UK Henry Brown
Data Handling Regulations ? Al
KY: Bullitt school employees' Social Security numbers mistakenly released lyger
TN: Roane State announces 11, 000 employee and student Social Security numbers stolen lyger

Thursday, 22 October

UK: Personal data of 51,000 is lost lyger

Monday, 26 October

TD Ameritrade Data Theft Settlement Scuttled by Judge lyger
fringe [??]: Guardian loses half a million CVs security curmudgeon
CA: CalOptima says data on 68, 000 members may be compromised lyger

Tuesday, 27 October

Social Security numbers of 2, 920 people at UW-Madison may have been exposed kirniki
Email leaks 350 Baptist East employee Social Security numbers kirniki
Ohio Banks lose data storage bins Al

Wednesday, 28 October

Now that's expensive encryption Luther Martin

Thursday, 29 October

KS: Joco pub and customers were targets of credit card hacker kirniki
European Commission: Data-losing companies may be forced to spill to public jkouns
Re: [Dataloss] Has "Data Loss" Jumped The Shark? Jon Turner
ATM Skimming in Nashville TN Henry Brown

Friday, 30 October

Manhattan DA: Computer Technician Charged In Identity Theft security curmudgeon

Sunday, 01 November

Data breach alerts linked to increased risk of ID theft lyger
Re: Data breach alerts linked to increased risk of ID theft Colin Keigher

Monday, 02 November

232000 Military SSN exposed Henry Brown
(fringe) FTC delays identity protection rules till June 2010 lyger

Thursday, 05 November

NH: Insurer Says SS Numbers May Be On Stolen Laptop kirniki
EU: Telcos' data breach notification amendment is passed security curmudgeon

Friday, 06 November

Senate Panel Approves Data-breach Notification Bills Jake Kouns

Saturday, 07 November

MassMutual warns of data breach Michael Ram
HI: Chaminade posted Social Security numbers of thousands of students online lyger
(fringe) NY: Was Your Identity in the Confetti? lyger

Monday, 09 November

Re: [Dataloss] Data breach alerts linked to increased risk of ID theft Alton Franklin

Tuesday, 10 November

Re: [Dataloss] Data breach alerts linked to increased risk of ID theft Luther Martin
Criminals Keeping Ahead of Data Breach Laws, Experts Warn lyger
NARA admits violating internal policy on personal info security curmudgeon
Re: [Dataloss] Data breach alerts linked toincreased risk of ID theft DAIL, WILLARD A
UK data breach(s) Henry Brown
U.S. Alleges $9 Million Debit-Card Hacking Ring lyger
follow-up: Four Indicted in RBS WorldPay Hack - Charged With Cracking PINs lyger

Wednesday, 11 November

NY: Cops: Social Security numbers stolen from Woodbury company lyger
Re: [Dataloss] Data breach alerts linked to increased risk of ID theft Luther Martin
MD: Possible identity theft reported at Mercy lyger

Thursday, 12 November

FRINGE Data Breach notification "laws" Henry Brown
MD: Possible identity theft reported at Mercy lyger
UK: MoJ consults on 500k data breach fines lyger

Friday, 13 November

Settlement OK’d over hacking into f inancial firm Jake Kouns
CA: Personal data of Cal Poly Pomona applicants inadvertently put online lyger
TX: Lost hard drive may contain personal data of 60k lyger

Monday, 16 November

Guam: Stolen laptop reveals unsecured GMH data lyger

Tuesday, 17 November

Commentary: According to OSF... nothing. (was re: try asking us first) lyger
[Dataloss] http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/nov/17/t-mobile-phone-data-privacy Jon Turner

Wednesday, 18 November

NE: Personal info jeopardized after Workers' Comp Court computer hacked lyger
Canada: Personal info at risk when items go missing lyger
Germany in 'credit card recall' lyger

Thursday, 19 November

PA: 80, 000 Mailers Sent Out With Recipients' Social Security Numbers In Plain View kirniki
1.5 Million Medical Files At Risk In Health Net Data Breach kirniki
TADGEAR, Inc. breach notice security curmudgeon

Friday, 20 November

Hospitals tighten security on patient data security curmudgeon
Mass Mutual Unknown Al

Saturday, 21 November

IN: Notre Dame security breach potentially affects employees lyger

Monday, 23 November

FBI looking at UMC records leak security curmudgeon
MD: Woman Sentenced For Stealing Patients' Info lyger
Hancock Fabrics ATM Fraud security curmudgeon

Tuesday, 24 November

ACORN Dumped Sensitive Documents as Probe Began, Private Investigator Says security curmudgeon

Wednesday, 25 November

Investigation, Class Action Lawsuit, Cast Shadow Over Radiant Systems and Distributor security curmudgeon

Thursday, 26 November

WI: Laptop With Personal Information Stolen From Aurora St. Luke's lyger
Cyber breaches kept secret Jake Kouns

Friday, 27 November

Banks block thousands of cards: Fraudsters hacked Spanish ATMs for accounts and PINs Jake Kouns
UK: ICO: Stolen laptop contained data on 110, 000 people lyger
PA: Students' social security numbers compromised lyger

Sunday, 29 November

OR: State mistake puts personal data at risk lyger
Navy to investigate security breach Jake Kouns
fringe breaches kept secret Henry Brown

Tuesday, 01 December

Restaurants Sue Vendor for Unsecured Card Processor security curmudgeon

Wednesday, 02 December

PA: Hospital laptop stolen, data may be breached kirniki

Friday, 04 December

GA: Tax Documents Found in Atlanta Dumpster Mike Powell
Recent Death of Data Breach Class Action Resuscitates Lack of Standing Arguments in Identity Exposure Cases Jake Kouns

Saturday, 05 December

NC: Kids' Social Security numbers on school postcards lyger
IL: Computer data breach at EIU investigated lyger
NE: Security breach compromises information on 1, 400 District 86 grads lyger

Monday, 07 December

follow-up: Man loses fight against firm that suffered data breach security curmudgeon
HSBC exposed sensitive bankruptcy data security curmudgeon
Re: [Dataloss] follow-up: Man loses fight against firm that suffered data breach Jeffrey Walton
Canada: Mail carrier suspected in theft of passport forms David Shettler

Tuesday, 08 December

NC: Security Breach at MedSolutions kirniki
Can Electronic Medical Records Be Secured? security curmudgeon
Data breach by Anglo Irish Bank affects UK clients security curmudgeon

Thursday, 10 December

Federal Data Breach Bill Passes House David Shettler
TX: Student information compromised: Intact records found kirniki
Incidents that may have been exempt from H.R. 2221 were it law during the incident David Shettler
Webcast Today: Data Loss Incidents - Review of 2009 to date and Beyond David Shettler

Friday, 11 December

NV: Hospital offering credit monitoring in leak case kirniki
follow-up: Court Rejects Request to Consolidate TJX Hacker Cases security curmudgeon
Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Al
MA: Businesses still plagued by data breaches lyger

Saturday, 12 December

fringe: Harmony Central Breach security curmudgeon
Warnings issued after possible security breach kirniki
Warnings issued after possible security breach kirniki

Sunday, 13 December

fringe: MoD inquiry after laptop stolen from headquarters security curmudgeon

Monday, 14 December

follow-up: Heartland Executives Told the Truth, Judge Says security curmudgeon

Tuesday, 15 December

One Of The 32 Million With A RockYou Account? You May Want To Change All Your Passwords. Like Now. David Shettler
MI: Personal information stolen from Detroit's health department lyger
Stolen laptop exposes study abroad student applications kirniki
GA: Personal information compromised after Dollar Tree's computer is hacked kirniki
Blog: When Reporters Go Looking For Data Breaches... David Shettler

Wednesday, 16 December

Data collector threatens scribe who reported breach security curmudgeon

Thursday, 17 December

follow-up: Texas company lays out 'hacking' case against Minnesota Public Radio security curmudgeon
VA: Laptop containing personal information about MWR customers stolen lyger
PA: U. Darby man accused of stealing Penn patient data lyger

Friday, 18 December

NC: Hacker hit community college system David Shettler
Data breaches still lognormal Luther Martin
Privacy Costs and Personal Data Protection: Economic and Legal Perspectives Sasha Romanosky
follow-up: Heartland pays Amex $3.6M over 2008 data breach security curmudgeon
MasterCard Blinks, Drops Dec. 31 Level 2 PCI Deadline Randy Braatz
PA: Malware opens door to possible information exposure David Shettler
admin note: out of office messages lyger

Saturday, 19 December

Scores of Scottish ministers' files lost or stolen security curmudgeon

Monday, 21 December

ID theft study Henry Brown

Tuesday, 22 December

follow-up: TJX Hacker 'Will Never Commit Any Crime Again' security curmudgeon
Another Leak, the worst so far... (humor) security curmudgeon
Report: FBI probes hacker attack on Citigroup blitz
Canada: Health records of thousands lost in Durham lyger
Happy Holidays, New Year, etc David Shettler

Thursday, 24 December

After data loss, ID theft risk soars Jeffrey Walton
Inmate Gets 18 Months for Hacking Prison Computer security curmudgeon

Tuesday, 29 December

PA: Records of 30,000 at Penn State hacked lyger
Former Executive Accused Of Selling Data From Matchmaking Firm security curmudgeon
Hacker Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy In Credit-Card Data Theft lyger
OR: Providence Health Plans glitch exposes personal data lyger

Friday, 01 January

WA: Hacker may have accessed EWU student information lyger
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