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Department of Revenue: 30 People Claim Identity Theft
From: Erica Absetz <eabsetz () opensecurityfoundation org>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 09:00:42 -0600


Columbia, SC (WLTX) --  News 19 has learned approximately 30
individuals have contacted the Department of Revenue, stating that
they have had their identities stolen.

The Revenue Department's spokesperson says the 30 cases of identity
theft reported range from unusual activity in bank accounts, to
noticing another individual trying to pull their credit report.

"We are keeping a log of individuals who call and believe they are
victims of identity theft," said Spokesperson Samantha Cheek.

The Revenue Department has been unable to determine if these cases of
identity theft are directly related to the data breach last October.
Cheek says in November the DOR and the Governor's Office established a
breach resolution team to address these types of concerns.

"We will help them sign up for credit or fraud alerts, help place
credit freezes, and if they haven't enrolled in protect my ID we will
provide them steps."

The Department's spokesperson says they are close to making two major
hires on their security staff. Meanwhile, with tax season upon us,
Cheek says DOR has started a new program that will help stop the
issuing of fraudulent tax refunds.

"With this new program we hope that we will stop more," said Cheek.

Juliana Harris, a spokesperson for the South Carolina Department of
Consumer Affairs also says they are seeing an increase of tax refund

"If you get these types of letters saying there might be something
going on with your return then follow up on this correspondence."

Senator Darrell Jackson says a subcommittee is working on an amendment
to the State's IT Security Bill that would allow citizens a $300 tax
deduction to be used towards a future credit monitoring.

"We think that would be attractive. We are also working on, how do we
address citizens that this may not apply to," said Jackson.

Senator Jackson says he's encouraged by the bi partisan progress in
the state house, but when asked if he believes the state and citizen's
data is more secure, "I think we are better off than a year ago
because we are talking about it and there is awareness, but coming up
with a solution, I don't think we've done it yet."

If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft and would like
to speak with someone at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, you
are urged to call them directly. Next week the Senate Subcommittee
will meet to discuss the amendments to the State's IT Security Bill.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has issued this press release
for those who believe they have been a victim of identity theft:

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has issued this press release
for those who believe they have been a victim of identity theft:


S.C. Department of Revenue

The Data Breach Assistance Team (Assistance Team) at the S.C.
Department of Revenue (DOR) was established by the Governor's Office
and the DOR to assist taxpayers with issues and concerns relating to
the Department of Revenue security breach. The Assistance Team is
comprised of a director, two designated representatives and two
back-up representatives. The director of the Assistance Team has been
answering questions and helping taxpayers regarding the breach at the
Governor's Office since November 2012. The director is now based at
DOR and has trained four veteran DOR employees on how to answer
taxpayer questions regarding the breach. These employees have an
extensive amount of experience assisting taxpayers. The team members
are all current DOR employees. No new employees have been hired for
the team.

The Assistance Team coordinates with the Department of Consumer
Affairs to provide information to taxpayers regarding identity
protection. The Assistance Team also coordinates with Experian to
resolve taxpayer issues with enrollment in credit monitoring or fraud

The DOR has designated a phone line for the Assistance Team
specifically to help and address taxpayers' questions and concerns
related to the breach or if they believe they are a victim of identity
theft. The Assistance Team also helps taxpayers via e-mail and U.S.

The Assistance Team is prepared and available to assist taxpayers if
they have questions about the following:

? Data breach notifications

? Experian's ProtectMyID program

? Experian's Family Secure program

? Updates on the State's efforts to continue credit services

Additionally, the Assistance Team is trained to assist potential
identity theft victims should they contact the DOR with concerns. The
procedures of a typical phone call are below:

If an individual believes they are a victim of identity theft due to
the SC Department of Revenue data breach, they should call the
Assistance Team.

When the Assistance Team receives a call from a potential identity
theft victim, a DOR representative will log their name and details of
the incident. The representative will also advise the individual of
the following steps available for assistance:

If the individual is already a member of Experian's ProtectMyID
program, they should contact Experian at 1.866.578.5422 and ask to
speak to a Fraud Resolution Agent. As an enrollee of ProtectMyID, the
individual has full access to personalized assistance from a
highly-trained Fraud Resolution Agent even after the initial one year
ProtectMyID membership expires.

If an individual is not enrolled in the ProtectMyID program, the
Assistance Team will connect them with an Experian representative to
begin the enrollment process.

We recommend and help, if requested, the taxpayer do the following:

? Place an initial fraud alert on their three credit reports.

? Place a security freeze on their three credit reports.

? Order their three credit reports to review.

? Create an Identity Theft Report.

o Submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

o File a police report.

? If the individual has fraudulent charges on their bank account, we
recommend that they report the charges to their bank immediately.

? If the individual has fraudulent charges on a debit/credit card, we
recommend that they report the charges to the debit/credit card
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