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Wednesday, 02 January

More On Internal Data Loss Incidents Erica Absetz
RI labor dept. warns of possible privacy breach Erica Absetz

Thursday, 03 January

Sentara taking action to protect patients after security breach Erica Absetz
South Jersey Healthcare tells patients data stolen Erica Absetz
Bookkeeper accused of identity theft Erica Absetz

Friday, 04 January

HHS announces first HIPAA breach settlement involving less than 500 patients Jake Kouns
Laptop with Sentara patients ’ data stolen [update] Erica Absetz

Monday, 07 January

Woodbury hospital lawsuit pits privacy rights against cover-up allegations Erica Absetz
Hackers Reportedly Access Thousands Of UNC-Lineberger Private Files Erica Absetz
Hackers Steal 3, 000 Classified Japanese Government Documents Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 08 January

Ubisoft probes sudden rash of hijack attacks on gamers' accounts Erica Absetz
Former state HHS employee charged with identity theft; Hundreds may be impacted Erica Absetz
Man admits to paying hospital employees to steal patient data Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 09 January

TurkTrust re-emphasises that there was not a security breach Erica Absetz
CMS files stolen from employe e’s car Erica Absetz
Romanian sentenced for multimillion-dollar payment card hack scheme Erica Absetz

Thursday, 10 January

Drake International the latest victim of hacking, extortion scheme against companies Erica Absetz
KTSU Radio volunteer behind bars for ID theft Erica Absetz

Friday, 11 January

Brazil hackers posts alleged private information of former president on the Internet Erica Absetz
Global Payments Breach Tab: $94 Million security curmudgeon

Monday, 14 January

Zaxby's IDs Data Security Breach Erica Absetz
State investigates security breach at Department of Juvenile Justice Erica Absetz
RCMP investigating after Ottawa loses data on 583, 000 students Erica Absetz
British hackers who broke into Sony Music's servers to steal unreleased Michael Jackson tracks escape jail Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 15 January

B.C. Health Ministry data breach affects millions – 38,000 will receive letter s Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 16 January

Important SCADA systems secured using weak logins, researchers find Erica Absetz
5,000 notified of DNR security breach Erica Absetz

Thursday, 17 January

HRSDC Data Loss Might Face a Class-Action Lawsuit Erica Absetz
Louisiana elections chief concerned about identity theft Erica Absetz
Patient data revealed in medical device hack Erica Absetz
Europe Weighs Requiring Firms to Disclose Data Breaches Richard Forno
Cumberland investigates website security breach Erica Absetz
Utah health department reports another data breach Erica Absetz
AMD lawsuit claims spying ring sold secrets to Nvidia Erica Absetz

Friday, 18 January

EU ministers to consider 'two-strikes' rule for data breaches Erica Absetz
Unknown hackers stealing EU files for past five years Erica Absetz
'White hat' hacker discovers names of 'anonymous' volunteers of genome study in security drill security curmudgeon
Laptop with Olympics plans stolen from car of boxing coach Erica Absetz

Monday, 21 January

Security Breaches Expose Thousands of Hong Kong Students' Personal Data Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 22 January

Medical Center Reports Stolen Laptop Erica Absetz
250, 000 students PII explosed at Dawson College Montreal Canada Al Mac Wow

Wednesday, 23 January

U.S. Health Department unveils new HIPAA rules Erica Absetz

Thursday, 24 January

Crap security lands Sony £250 k fine for PlayStation Network hack Erica Absetz
Feds reveal Gozi trojan creator, fraud conspiracy Erica Absetz

Friday, 25 January

Lost USB drive source of breach for Utah Medicaid patients security curmudgeon
E-number spreadsheet with Eastern Illinois University student data leaked Erica Absetz
Android malware potentially stole up to 450, 000 pieces of personal data: Symantec Erica Absetz

Monday, 28 January

In Swartz protest, Anon hacks U.S. site, threatens leaks Erica Absetz
Backdoor accounts found in networking and security appliances from Barracuda Networks Erica Absetz
Montfort Hospital Suffers Security Breach Erica Absetz
Pa. university warns students of privacy breach Erica Absetz
Officials At Cheyney U. Warning Students About Personal Data Breach Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 29 January

HIPAA Violation Penalties Rise in Response to Data Breaches Erica Absetz
More ID theft victims from North Shore come forward Erica Absetz
Key Bank customers warned of ID thefts Erica Absetz
DNR manager behind data trolling Jake Kouns
LA DPPS employee pleads guilty to ste aling clients’ info for tax refund fraud scheme Erica Absetz
Blood bank settles FTC charges for failing to protect personal information Erica Absetz

Thursday, 31 January

Tax Preparer Sentenced for Identity Theft Erica Absetz
ATM hackers skim $3.3 million from 200 customers Erica Absetz
New York Times says Chinese hackers broke into its computers Erica Absetz

Friday, 01 February

Sources say information accessed related to Noelle Paquette murder Erica Absetz
Cortland car dealership owner charged with ID theft Erica Absetz
Court okays firing FDNY lieutenant who posted 911 caller info to Facebook Erica Absetz

Monday, 04 February

Equifax Sells Private Information To Debt Collectors In 'Biggest Privacy Breach In Our Time': Report [UPDATE] Erica Absetz
Keeping our users secure Erica Absetz
River Falls Medical Clinic announces patient data breach Erica Absetz
Hackers Post Private Data From More Than 4, 000 US Bank Executives Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 05 February

Pro-Grade Point-of-Sale Skimmer Erica Absetz
FBI Busts 18 in $200M Fraud, Identity Theft Ring Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 06 February

Bashas’ reveals security br each Erica Absetz
HHS breach investigations badly backlogged, leaving us in the dark Erica Absetz
Authorities seize over 200 fraudulent credit cards Erica Absetz

Thursday, 07 February

Lilburn Man Sentenced to Prison for Identity Theft Erica Absetz
Japan foreign ministry says PC leaked docs to external server Erica Absetz

Friday, 08 February

Hacker Exposes former US President Bush Family Photos and Emails Erica Absetz
IRS identity theft crackdown leads to 109 arrests Erica Absetz

Monday, 11 February

Victims of student loan data breach get letters addressed to others Erica Absetz
2012 Sets New Record for Reported Data Breaches Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 12 February

50,000 students change password after hack Erica Absetz
Banks Ask 5th Circ. To Revive Heartland Data Breach Claims Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 13 February

Health Department clerk arrested for ID theft Erica Absetz
Lawyers Claim Number of Data Breach Victims Was Falsified by Ottawa Erica Absetz
Jackson County identity theft case grows into state’s largest Erica Absetz
Jawbone says 'limited' number of MyTALK accounts hacked Erica Absetz
Serious data breaches take months to spot, analysis finds Erica Absetz
Bumi e-mail hacks show security flaws Erica Absetz

Thursday, 14 February

Computer security breach could affect up to 43, 000 Froedtert patients Erica Absetz
Six Former News of the World Employees Arrested Erica Absetz
Breach report shows modest improvements Erica Absetz
Texas DMV Sells Personal Information To Hundreds Of Companies; Drivers Not Allowed To Opt-Out Erica Absetz
Google 'flaw' puts users' details on display Erica Absetz
Serious data breaches take months to spot, analysis finds Erica Absetz

Friday, 15 February

Haagen-Dazs customers at Tampa's International Plaza may be ID theft victims Erica Absetz
58 Saskatchewan patients had health data breached: Province Erica Absetz
Data breach exposes Energy Department's 'continuing story of negligence' Erica Absetz

Monday, 18 February

51 critical infrastructure organisations breach in 2012: report Jake Kouns
Korean Court Orders SK Communications to Pay Damages to ID Theft Victims Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 19 February

Dutch MP must cough €750 fo r hacking into medical lab Erica Absetz
DePauw Students Get Identities Stolen Erica Absetz
Express Scripts sues Ernst & Young over data breach Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 20 February

Walgreens pharmacist patient data breach raises questions Erica Absetz
Mortonhall ashes data stolen from charity office Erica Absetz
ICO fines Nursing and Midwifery Council £150,000 for data loss Erica Absetz

Thursday, 21 February

Johns Hopkins responds to serious patient privacy breach (update 2) Erica Absetz
GAO Questions Security of Census Data Erica Absetz
Journalist uncovers hospital data breaches Erica Absetz
Nearly 200 Students Warned of ID Theft Risk After Tax Form Mishap By School District Erica Absetz

Friday, 22 February

Important notice about Zendesk and Twitter Help Center Jake Kouns
Zendesk Security Breach Affects Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest Jake Kouns

Monday, 25 February

Knock, knock. Who's there? No one. Jake Kouns
NBC Confirms Hack of NBC.com Erica Absetz
Sprouts Farmers Market reports security breach at AZ, CA stores Erica Absetz
Gov't data stolen from car Erica Absetz
26,000 NC retirees warned of security breach Erica Absetz
Re: Knock, knock. Who's there? No one. Al Mac Wow

Tuesday, 26 February

Illegal Marketer of Medicare Information Admits Role in Detroit-area Home Health Care Fraud Scheme Erica Absetz
Hackney Council in personal data breach Erica Absetz
Re: Knock, knock. Who's there? No one. Dissent
Investigation into massive data breach widens to Justice Department Erica Absetz
Server hack prompts call for cPanel customers to take “immediate action” Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 27 February

Re: Knock, knock. Who's there? No one. Al Mac Wow
Australian Broadcasting Corporation confirms hack Erica Absetz
Crescent Healthcare Notifies Individuals of 2012 Data Breach Erica Absetz
Laptop of head of Israel’s Atomic E nergy Commission stolen Erica Absetz
Leaked Info Allegedly Shows The Absurd Lengths BofA Goes To Spy On Hackers Erica Absetz
2 Gym Employees Charged in Credit Card Theft Erica Absetz
Anti-Israel Hacking Collective Strikes Again Erica Absetz
Hacking Victim Bit9 Blames SQL Injection Flaw Erica Absetz

Thursday, 28 February

Hospital unresponsive to multiple alerts about stolen data Erica Absetz
Second laptop stolen from Israeli nuclear chief Erica Absetz
Bank of America says data breach occured at other company Erica Absetz

Friday, 01 March

2 isle banks block customers' cards after security breach Erica Absetz
Soldiers' records found on road Erica Absetz

Monday, 04 March

Bill calls for mandatory data breach reporting Jake Kouns
Evernote resets all passwords after user information stolen in security breach security curmudgeon
Evernote Security Notice: Service-wide Password Reset (fwd) security curmudgeon
Owner of Middletown dance studio arrested for identity theft Erica Absetz
Investigation into security breach at Orleans County office building Erica Absetz
Samaritan Hospital confirms patient records security breach in 2011 Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 05 March

Woman arrested in theft of hospice patient's credit card Erica Absetz
MPD: Hotel clerk stole 23 credit card numbers Erica Absetz
Clinic Corruption: Hospital Identity Theft Erica Absetz
Security breach impacts Commerce Bank credit, debit cards Erica Absetz
Confidential records found in Paulding Co. dumpster Erica Absetz
Not-so-confidential HIV testing Erica Absetz
Nassau County DA says multiple ID theft crews hit North Shore-LIJ Erica Absetz
Don't look now, you've been hacked! Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 06 March

How 'Iron Fist' may have exposed vital signs of Pak espionage Erica Absetz
Ex-postal worker gets two years in theft of credit card info Erica Absetz
BofA Confirms Third-Party Breach security curmudgeon

Thursday, 07 March

FCAT security breach at Fort Pierce Westwood invalidates 78 students' tests Erica Absetz
Department of Revenue: 30 People Claim Identity Theft Erica Absetz
Patient Steals Other Patients ’ Info Erica Absetz
Law firms gear up for class-action against Montfort over personal data loss Erica Absetz

Friday, 08 March

$250,000 penalty issued to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital was an error – C DPH Erica Absetz
VA routinely transmitted sensitive in formation over unencrypted network – OIG. No , we didn’t – OIT. Erica Absetz
$5 million class action lawsuit over LinkedIn data breach dismissed Erica Absetz
Popular Marysville Restaurant Computer Compromised; Credit Card Information Stolen Erica Absetz
Two Miami Police Officers Arrested in Identity Theft and Tax Refund Case: Authorities Erica Absetz
RQRHA did not adequately protect health information Erica Absetz

Monday, 11 March

Hackers breach Reserve Bank security curmudgeon
Medicaid contractor loses provider's personal information Erica Absetz
VA disputes charge that it transmits unencrypted personal data over public Internet Erica Absetz
ASU employees still affected by security breach Erica Absetz
Genesco takes VISA to court over data breach Erica Absetz
Apple App Store was vulnerable for more than Half year Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 12 March

Privacy Breach Reported At UConn Health Center Erica Absetz
T&T banks on alert after credit card security breach Erica Absetz
Re: T&T banks on alert after credit card security breach Dennis Dayman
Hackers steal over $12, 000 of Bitcoins from transaction broker Bitinstant Erica Absetz
Tulsa Medical Records Turn Up On Ponca City Newspaper Loading Dock Erica Absetz
Nothing is certain but death, taxes and identity theft. Jake Kouns

Wednesday, 13 March

Google Launches “Help For Hacked Si tes” To Teach Site Owners How To Recover Their Hacked Sites Jake Kouns
Officials deny hospital source of med ia ‘leak’ Erica Absetz
UPDATE: Hackers release personal info of Kim Kardashian, LAPD Chief Beck and other celebs, politicians Erica Absetz
Celebrity hackers stole data from AnnualCreditReport.com, Equifax says Erica Absetz
Medical receptionist prosecut ed after unlawfully accessing patient’s details Erica Absetz
Chinese hackers breach DRDO security, steal thousands of secret files Erica Absetz

Thursday, 14 March

Bivens action claims IRS agents engaged in warrantless seizure of 60M medical records of 10M people during raid Erica Absetz
Cisco accused of data theft Erica Absetz
Steakhouse Data-Theft Leader Gets As Much as 13 1/2 Years Erica Absetz

Friday, 15 March

PA health system reports 144-patient data, identity theft Erica Absetz
Hospital Identity Theft Found at Some South Florida Hospitals Erica Absetz
Chinese Hackers Steal DRDO Data: Biggest Security Breach in The Indian Defense Establishment Erica Absetz

Monday, 18 March

Massachusetts EMR firm reports breach Erica Absetz
25,000 could be affected by data breach at SSU Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 19 March

Subway Restaurants Rocked By POS Hackers Erica Absetz
JPMorgan Chase customers see zero balances after technical glitch Erica Absetz
Xbox Entertainment Awards blighted by security breach Erica Absetz
EMR vendor at fault in patient data breach Erica Absetz
Cyberattack In South Florida Is First Known Hack On Election Data: Report Erica Absetz
EA Origin Security Flaw Could Expose Tens of Millions of Players Jake Kouns
Looby calls for probe over ISAT scores leak Erica Absetz
Credit report breach has link to Zeus banking malware Erica Absetz
Healthcare worker charged with using stolen credit card information to buy online merchandise Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 20 March

Data breach affects 12, 000 workers at Savannah River Site Erica Absetz
Former Police Official Found Guilty of Leaking Personal Data Erica Absetz
Sparks details attack and data theft Erica Absetz

Thursday, 21 March

Former Tribune staffer denies giving hackers log-in credentials Erica Absetz
300 UK domains pilfered, MASSIVE security lapse blamed Erica Absetz
Montreal police say ‘no sen sitive information released' in alleged hack Erica Absetz
South Korean corporations hit by widespread attack that wiped data and shut down systems Erica Absetz

Friday, 22 March

Ex-student admits guilt in ID theft case Erica Absetz
Two Sentenced for Credit Card Fraud Erica Absetz

Monday, 25 March

Former MDI restaurant owner gets 60 days for $67, 000 theft Erica Absetz
EQC privacy breach: 9700 affected Erica Absetz
Analyzing foreign health data breaches security curmudgeon
Vernon files suit in Social Security breach Erica Absetz
TCC students among victims in $3.3-million ID-theft case Erica Absetz
Former bank worker faces computer, ID theft charges Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 26 March

Granger Clinic may have lost patients ’ appointment documents Erica Absetz
Beach preschool warns parents following security breach Erica Absetz
South Korea data-wipe malware spread by patching system Erica Absetz
Patients' records in surgeon's stolen laptop Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 27 March

UK intelligence agency stores passwords in plain text Erica Absetz
Hackers set up accounts in names of local railroad workers Erica Absetz
HealthCare for Women server breached by hackers Erica Absetz
Class action lawsuit filed against hospital, former staff and Fleming College Erica Absetz

Thursday, 28 March

Security breach releases personal information of Allen County employees Erica Absetz
Dental patients' info dumped outside building on Detroit's east side Erica Absetz
Reports of credit-card fraud from Schnucks customers continue to grow Erica Absetz

Friday, 29 March

Contact 6: Renters were victims in identity theft case Erica Absetz
St. Albert doctor suspended for privacy breach Erica Absetz
Tooele officials: human error caused isolated data breach Erica Absetz
ANZ to contact customers in ATM security breach Erica Absetz
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