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Monday, 01 April

Schnucks 'found and contained' security breach; stores say it's safe to use cards Erica Absetz
Stolen laptop contained information about DSHS clients Erica Absetz
Hackers raid U. of Nebraska database with 654k Social Security nos. Erica Absetz
Chinese citizen sentenced in military data-theft case Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 02 April

19 Derbyshire police workers caught abusing force files Erica Absetz
Hospital notes found in street Erica Absetz
Yet another privacy breach at Govt department Erica Absetz
Hammerpoint acknowledges War Z security breach, emails and passwords compromised Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 03 April

OrthoCare Medical Equipment notifies 93 patients of breach Erica Absetz
Nationwide Insurance uses lawyers to protect details of October security breach Erica Absetz
Data Loss From Greater Manchester Hospitals Erica Absetz
Feds: Man stole US cancer data to study in China Erica Absetz

Thursday, 04 April

Patients notified of potential identity theft incident Erica Absetz
Japanese web portals hacked, up to 100, 000 accounts comprimsed Erica Absetz
Etowah County woman sentenced to prison for fraud, aggravated identity theft Erica Absetz
Braintree man pleads guilty to fraud Erica Absetz

Friday, 05 April

Scribd hit by hackers Erica Absetz
Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore Erica Absetz
Judge awards class action status in privacy lawsuit vs. comScore Erica Absetz

Monday, 08 April

Dorn VA warns patients of possible security breach Erica Absetz
Harmonix Investigating Server Hack Erica Absetz
Security Breach at Erlanger Health System has Families Upset Erica Absetz
Winn-Dixie Employee Settles Data Breach Row Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 09 April

Possible security breach at Glens Falls Hospital Erica Absetz
Warren Hospital can ask Internet service provider to identify hackers Erica Absetz
Midwest BankCentre warns customers of security breach Erica Absetz
Hackers hit Iowa college database with 125, 000 students Erica Absetz
'Significant holes' in Justice Ministry website Erica Absetz

Friday, 12 April

Officials look into possible breach of personnel files Erica Absetz
EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency Erica Absetz
LI Woman Sentenced to 12 Years for $10 Million Medicare and HIPAA Identity Theft Scam Erica Absetz
ACLU accuses the IRS of reading Ameri cans’ private email without a search warrant Erica Absetz
Montana Loan Officer Convicted of Aggravated Identity Theft Involving $3M Mortgage Fraud Scheme Erica Absetz

Monday, 15 April

IIROC to support clients whose personal information was on a lost portable device Erica Absetz
CEC's Laptop, Documents Missing After Robbery Erica Absetz
Birmingham Social Security Administration worker sentenced for identity theft Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 16 April

Global Closes Breach Investigation Erica Absetz
Health Data Theft Case Prompts Lawsuit Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 17 April

CMP says thousands of job applicants' information possibly stolen by hackers Erica Absetz
Laptop with patients' info stolen from home Erica Absetz
Weather Shield employees find out they are identity theft victims once again Erica Absetz
ColdFusion hack used to steal hosting provider’s customer data Erica Absetz

Thursday, 18 April

Ratepayer credit card theft alleged Erica Absetz
Attorney General Madigan: Seven Sentenced for ID Theft Scheme at Wrigley Field, Chicago Restaurants Erica Absetz
Widespread fraud at NWR Erica Absetz

Friday, 19 April

Important Information Regarding Your VUDU Account. (fwd) security curmudgeon
Justice Institute employee sues ICBC for privacy breach that allegedly led to her vehicle torched, bullets fired at home Erica Absetz
Bank Sues Cyberheist Victim to Recover Funds Erica Absetz
TheNetNg Online Gets HACKED! Hackers Demand Ransom | Alternate Website Up Erica Absetz

Monday, 22 April

Stanley Black & Decker breach notice, v2.0 Erica Absetz
Call for change following latest Govt privacy breach Erica Absetz
Canada: Security Breach Notification Soon Becoming Mandatory In Canada Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 23 April

Massive personal data breach by police to G4S Erica Absetz
CME swaps reporting unit suffered data breach Erica Absetz
Telvent client alerted feds to hack at energy company, documents suggest Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 24 April

Tea Chain Teavana Possibly Hit by Data Breach Erica Absetz
Ministry breaches pupils' privacy Erica Absetz
Govt makes plans to recover lost UID data Erica Absetz
County computer security breach traced to Europe Erica Absetz

Thursday, 25 April

Bank of America Alerts Customers of Security Breach Erica Absetz
Eastern Health Authority Disc loses Two Breaches Involving Briefcases Stolen fr om Employees’ Cars Erica Absetz

Friday, 26 April

Westcoast Children’s Clinic notifie s parents after sensitive info faxed to wrong num ber Erica Absetz
GP practice in County Armagh warned a fter patients’ details compromised following em ail attack Erica Absetz
Class Sues Hospital for Security Leak Erica Absetz
Cyberattackers hack into LivingSocial, 50 million customers impacted Erica Absetz

Monday, 29 April

Hackers Release Hudson Valley Foie Gras Customer Information Erica Absetz
Hackers steal more than $1 million from Leavenworth hospital Erica Absetz
Many Hacked Businesses Remain Unprepared For The Next Breach security curmudgeon
Laptop with confidential patient information stolen from Upstate Hospital Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 30 April

April 26th, 2013 - Patient Privacy Notice Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 01 May

Military Credit Union has accounts compromised Erica Absetz
Hackers steal social security numbers Erica Absetz
US Army loses dam database Erica Absetz

Thursday, 02 May

Company that manages users' online rep hit by breach Jake Kouns

Friday, 03 May

North Jersey authorities arrest 11 in ID-theft scheme Erica Absetz
NY officials: ID theft ring stole from victims who used credit cards at Mesquite gas station Erica Absetz
Update to the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic breach Erica Absetz

Monday, 06 May

Mystery over laptop stolen from psychologist whose testimony in the Jodi Arias murder trial poked holes in the accused murderer's self-defense plea Erica Absetz
18 Alaskan Teens Use Phishing Scam To Hack School System Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 07 May

Mapco chain says hackers may have gained customer credit or debit info Erica Absetz
Possible security breach: California says birth records found in unsecure location Erica Absetz
Raleigh clinic says X-rays were stolen, may have included patient information Erica Absetz
SRS employee stole 12, 000 coworkers' information Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 08 May

HPD security breach appears to be linked to "anti-American" hacking campaign Erica Absetz
Personal data from 12, 000 York Tech applicants may have been exposed Erica Absetz
Amid a barrage of password breaches, "honeywords" to the rescue Erica Absetz
Hack of CESA 10 web portal reveals faculty passwords Erica Absetz

Thursday, 09 May

Name.com Tells Customers To Change Password Due To Breach Erica Absetz
City loses $41,000 in computer equipment in burglary Erica Absetz
Lutheran Social Services discovers possible security breach on computer system Erica Absetz

Friday, 10 May

Court Data Breach Could Affect Up To 1 Million In Washington State Erica Absetz
Hackers stole $45 million in ATM card breach Erica Absetz

Monday, 13 May

Privacy Breach on Bloomberg’s Data Terminals Erica Absetz
IU Health Arnett laptop stolen Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 14 May

Patient Information Breach At The MED Erica Absetz
Property Tax security breach was 'discovered quickly' Erica Absetz
Oklahoma City-based wireless companies report data breach Erica Absetz
Presbyterian Anesthesia reports data breach affecting nearly 10, 000 Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 15 May

(wtop.com) Fwd: NOTICE OF HACKING INCIDENT AND POSSIBLE MALWARE ATTACK (fwd) security curmudgeon
Unions eye medical privacy violation Erica Absetz
Mass email by Dent Neurologic inadvertently breaches privacy of 10, 200 patients Erica Absetz
Hackers steal physio clinic files Erica Absetz

Thursday, 16 May

Oops: Google search reveals private Telstra customer data Erica Absetz
PHH Data Breach Exposes Employee Information Erica Absetz

Monday, 20 May

Yahoo Japan says 22 million user IDs may have been stolen Erica Absetz
Information for 10K job applicants exposed in security breach Erica Absetz
Response from TerraCom, Inc. Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 21 May

Hackers Who Breached Google in 2010 A ccessed Company’s Surveillance Database Erica Absetz
How anticipating a health data breach can boost security Erica Absetz
There’s no excuse for careless hand ling of sensitive personal information Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 22 May

Idaho State University Settles HIPAA Security Case for $400, 000 Erica Absetz
Former Elgin Deputy Police Chief Charged With ID Theft Erica Absetz
NYPD detective charged with hacking Erica Absetz

Thursday, 23 May

Data breach puts DHS employees at risk of identity theft Erica Absetz
Data breach may affect 23, 000 Mainers who bought tickets online Erica Absetz
ENRC fears data loss after burglary and system is hacked Erica Absetz
Man to serve 36 months for fraud, ID theft Erica Absetz

Friday, 24 May

Former East Tennessee Water Division Clerk Indicted For Theft And Credit Card Fraud Erica Absetz
Sth African police website hacked Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 28 May

Hospital discloses privacy breach Erica Absetz
Callaway Gardens credit, debit card records breached Erica Absetz
Hospital apologizes for data breach Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 29 May

Parents, patients notified of potential identity theft incident Erica Absetz
Groupon Taiwan resets user passwords after hack, but credit card details not leaked Erica Absetz

Thursday, 30 May

Hackers post 'EDL members' contact details' online Erica Absetz
Harvard dean who okayed secret faculty email search steps down Erica Absetz
Council's sensitive documents found at tip Erica Absetz
Drupal.org resets login credentials after hack exposes password data Erica Absetz

Friday, 31 May

Health data security alliance suffers server breach Erica Absetz
Montgomerian stole state workers' identity info for fraud scheme Erica Absetz

Monday, 03 June

Unwanted hotel charges: Wyndham claims FTC overreach in data breach lawsuit Erica Absetz
Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi to notify customers of security breach Erica Absetz
Large Hospital Breach Caused by Inside Inappropriate Access Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 04 June

Champlain discloses possible security breach Erica Absetz
Security breach: Students asked to re-sit Cambridge exams Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 05 June

RentPath Security Breach May Have Exposed 56, 000 Social Security Numbers Erica Absetz
FDIC: 2011 FIS Breach Worse Than Reported Erica Absetz
Patients of UMass Center Warned of Security Breach Erica Absetz

Thursday, 06 June

Halton BC fined for serious data breach Erica Absetz
Arlington school employees notified about possible data breach Erica Absetz
Hackers take $479,000 from Leavenworth hospital Erica Absetz
Ground Labs Exposes Credit Card Data Theft in Hotels at HITEC 2013 Erica Absetz
Hackers have got into the identity register Erica Absetz

Sunday, 09 June

Report: NSA Was Granted Order to Snag Millions of Verizon Call Records for 3 Months Jake Kouns
Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance Jake Kouns

Monday, 10 June

U.S. Postal service admits that they photograph all mail they process security curmudgeon
Pirate Bay founder Warg accused of Denmark hack Erica Absetz
Hetzner Security Breach Exposes Customer Passwords, Payment Information Erica Absetz
Raley's warns customers of cyber attack, possible security breach Erica Absetz
Wildey Theatre is found to be hacked Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 11 June

Animal activists claim to have hacked into insurance company to steal financial data on badger cull supporters Erica Absetz
Looking Through the Cloudy PRISM Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 12 June

Two men accused of using tax-preparing business for massive refund thefts Erica Absetz
Two Middle TN Mapco stores at risk in data breach Erica Absetz

Thursday, 13 June

Psychiatric patients' IDs stolen by hospital worker, feds say Erica Absetz
Staffordshire NHS trust fined thousands over patient data breach Erica Absetz
Laptop stolen from Packard Hospital Erica Absetz

Friday, 14 June

Vendor's security breach at Cat Visitors Center involves credit card data Erica Absetz
UM Warns Ticket Buyers Of Security Breach Erica Absetz

Monday, 17 June

IEHP reveals theft of laptop with members' records Erica Absetz
Did Auckland District Health Board overreact to privacy breach? Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 18 June

Feds seize 14 7-Eleven stores in ID theft case Erica Absetz
Tepco loses info on nuclear redress Erica Absetz
Firms take 10 hours to spot data breaches, McAfee finds (fwd) security curmudgeon
LinkedIn Seeks Dismissal Of Data-Breach Lawsuit Erica Absetz
NC veterans' personal data left in recycle bin Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 19 June

Clive Palmer Says His Company’s Com puter System Has Been Hacked And His Laptop Stole n Erica Absetz
Yolo Federal Credit Union replaces customer cards after data breach Erica Absetz
Security Breach Investigation in South Beloit Erica Absetz

Thursday, 20 June

Payroll company error prompts security breach concern Erica Absetz
Ephrata Community Hospital notifies patients of data breach Erica Absetz
Investment Research Firm Morningstar Notifies Customers of Security Breach Erica Absetz
Mo. man sentenced for hacking university computer Erica Absetz

Friday, 21 June

Break-in at North Lincoln County Community Health Center Clinic Erica Absetz
Douglas insurance agent charged with fraud and identity theft Erica Absetz
Another hack from former UI student uncovered Erica Absetz

Saturday, 22 June

Facebook admits year-long data breach exposed 6 million users Erica Absetz

Monday, 24 June

ComNet Telecom a victim of hacking Erica Absetz
Florida Department of Education Warns Teacher Preparation Participants of Error in Data Safety Erica Absetz
Police investigate hacking attack on HKU polling programme Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 25 June

Foundations Recovery Network notifying patients after a laptop with PHI was st olen from an employee’s car Erica Absetz
Detective's stolen laptop puts thousands at risk of identity theft Erica Absetz
ALERT: Niagara Peninsula Energy issues public warning after theft from payment drop box Erica Absetz
Nearly 3, 000 Social Security Numbers Taken From Hendrick House Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 26 June

Construction blueprints stolen from site of new Fort Madison prison Erica Absetz
Jigawa Perm Sec Suspended over Security Breach Erica Absetz
Medical lab loses thousands of B.C. patient records Erica Absetz
Poor data-breach tracking, reporting concerns federal privacy commissioner security curmudgeon

Thursday, 27 June

Opera says hackers pilfered expired code-signing certificate Erica Absetz
Confidential records missing at MHI in Independence Erica Absetz
Hackers post U.S. troops’ perso nal details; collateral damage from the Korean cyberwar? Erica Absetz
Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected Erica Absetz

Friday, 28 June

ABC Store information hack more widespread than Greensboro Erica Absetz
Stolen Laptop May Have Compromised Students' Personal Info Erica Absetz
Breach of privacy at St. Joseph's Erica Absetz
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