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Monday, 01 July

Personal info for 100, 000 S. Koreans leaked after hacking attack Erica Absetz
MSU: Employee Social Security numbers at risk Erica Absetz
Contractor’s “coding loop hole” exposed Boston Teachers Union Health & Welfare Fund members’ SSN Erica Absetz
Lost piece of thumb drive contained thousands of patient records Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 02 July

Indiana FSSA notifying 187, 533 clients of potential information breach Erica Absetz
Clients discover security bre ach on insurance carrier’s patient portal Erica Absetz
Medical records discovered in dumpster Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 03 July

Ubisoft warns of account database breach after website attack Erica Absetz
State Health Department Falls Victim To Hackers Erica Absetz

Friday, 05 July

Nintendo rewards program site hacked, names, email addresses and phone numbers possibly compromised Erica Absetz
Confidential Hertfordshire County Council papers 'found in street' Erica Absetz

Monday, 08 July

Breach-related lawsuit against Adventist Health dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction Erica Absetz
Fury as confidential documents found blowing in the wind in Hatfield Erica Absetz
Illinois health agency reports potential privacy breach to 3, 100 Cook County residents Erica Absetz

Tuesday, 09 July

FAA registry of pilots' data at risk of data breach security curmudgeon
9500 crucial files missing from Mumbai civic corporation building: security compromised? security curmudgeon
The cancer diagnosis letter found in a car park, voicemails to the wrong person and a gate-crashed consultation: Hospital data breaches up 20% in a year Erica Absetz
FBI arrests former Iberdrola exec Erica Absetz
Page High Employee Accidentally Shares Student Data Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 10 July

Criminal case filed against company, owner for 'deleting' MPSC exam data Erica Absetz
US Bureau of Automotive Repair Notifies Smog Check Station Owners of Data Breach Erica Absetz
Fla. man sentenced in ID theft involving college Erica Absetz
California Dept. of Consume r Affairs has a breach, but doesn’t notify th ose affected for 6 months? Erica Absetz

Thursday, 11 July

Anonymous Claims Attack on IP Surveillance Firm Brickcom, Leaks Customer Data Erica Absetz
Schnucks Didn't Break Law, Is Also Victim in Credit Card Breach, Attorney General Says Erica Absetz

Friday, 12 July

Konami asks users to change passwords after 35, 000 accounts were accessed Erica Absetz
Insurance company WellPoint fined 1.7 million over data exposure Erica Absetz
Patient data may have been breached at Long Beach hospital Erica Absetz
Army sergeant, 42, accused of stealing IDs of dead soldiers to get fraudulent $12, 000 loan Erica Absetz

Monday, 15 July

Personal Data for Harris County Employees Stolen Erica Absetz
Hospital fined £200,000 aft er hard drive full of patient data bought on eBay Erica Absetz
Hospital where Kim Kardashian had baby reportedly axes employees for hacking her medical records security curmudgeon

Tuesday, 16 July

Japanese Government Google Groups Account Exposes 6, 000 Items of Data Erica Absetz
Credit card information stolen from Farragut eatery Erica Absetz

Wednesday, 17 July

State worker sent 17, 743 Medicaid records to personal account Erica Absetz
Google Glass vulnerability discovered by Lookout could have captured user data Erica Absetz
Hackers Leak Details of 6, 000 Numericable Customers After Firm Refuses to Pay Up Erica Absetz
Man finds city workers' personal info in tossed files Erica Absetz

Thursday, 18 July

Anonymous Hacked FEMA, Leaked Hundreds of Email Addresses security curmudgeon
Dear ABC News Fixer: Sensitive Info Revealed on Totsy.com? Erica Absetz
Truecaller's 7 million users account hacked Erica Absetz

Friday, 19 July

Aetna brochure labels contain U.Va. students’ info Erica Absetz
Lawsuit alleges blood bank shared donor information without consent Erica Absetz
San Jose Medical Supply reports insider breach; sues former employees and two competitors Erica Absetz
Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point hospital sends records of multiple patients without permission Erica Absetz

Thursday, 25 July

St. Mary's Bank customers warned of security breach security curmudgeon
US attorney in NJ announces largest alleged hacking, data breach scheme ever prosecuted in US Jake Kouns
Dataloss-Discuss List Shutting Down Jake Kouns

Friday, 26 July

OVH Security incident Lostmon lords
ICO takes enforcement action against Chief Constables after personal data breach Jake Kouns
Investigating apparent IT breach, Stanford urges users to update passwords Jake Kouns

Wednesday, 14 August

PHI Breach for Major Eye Care Group in Northern California Jake Kouns
Man accused of stealing identities from 10 cancer patients Lee J
The threat from cybercrime? 'You ain't seen nothing yet' Jake Kouns

Friday, 16 August

Lost flash drive compromises data for thousands of students Lee J
Hard drive stolen by employee contain ed thousands of patients’ information Lee J
U.S. defense contractor sustains data breach Lee J
Ferris State security breach: Personal information for 39, 000 could be compromised Lee J
Department of Energy Hacked Again Lee J
Serious doubts remain about VA's ability to secure veterans' data Audrey McNeil
Sydney ATMs Hacked, Scammed by Romanian Thieves Audrey McNeil
Rise in data breaches drives interest in cyber insurance Jake Kouns

Tuesday, 20 August

Over 1,000 govt sites hacked since 2009 Audrey McNeil
FDA issues encryption, authentication rules for medical devices Audrey McNeil
State finds security breach during STAR testing at Canyon Crest Academy Jake Kouns
EU data breach disclosures to be enforced soon Jake Kouns

Wednesday, 21 August

Can Voice Biometrics Hack Computer Security? Audrey McNeil
“Bloodsucking leech” puts 100,0 00 servers at risk of potent attacks Audrey McNeil
Twitter Denies User Accounts Have Been Compromised by Hacker Jake Kouns

Friday, 23 August

FBI Agent: We've Dismantled The Leaders Of Anonymous Jake Kouns
Newly declassified docs prove NSA collected data on tens of thousands of Americans Lee J
How the VA deals with data breaches security curmudgeon
IT security experts identify growing threat of fake mobile banking apps Audrey McNeil
How Hacktivists Have Targeted Major Media Outlets Audrey McNeil

Monday, 26 August

U.K. scientists build weapon to combat phishing, password theft Lee J
Medical building burglary in Park Ridge puts personal information for 4 million patients at risk Chris Walsh
Google Code fast becoming hackers' malware mule Audrey McNeil
Is Your Spouse Your Biggest Online Security Risk? Audrey McNeil
Ex-Soviet Hackers Play Outsized Role in Cyber Crime World Audrey McNeil
Report: US hacked into UN video conferencing, spied on EU Jake Kouns
Pinterest patched critical security flaw that compromised users' privacy Jake Kouns

Thursday, 29 August

Amazon 'wish list' is gateway to epic social engineering hack Audrey McNeil
SD Times Blog: Researchers successfully reverse-engineer Dropbox Audrey McNeil
EU telcos, ISPs, have 24 hours to notify of data breach Lee J

Friday, 30 August

UT Physicians informs patients of data breach Jake Kouns
Regulators to investigate Advocate data breach Jake Kouns
FTC: Medical lab's lax security led to data leak Jake Kouns
Insurer Sues Schnucks Over Data Breach Jake Kouns
One-Hour Breach Notification Out of Final HIX Rule? Yes and No Jake Kouns

Friday, 06 September

Watchdog mulls SOCA's secret dossier of private dicks 'hired to hack, blag' Lee J
Energy Dept. Hack Details Emerge Audrey McNeil
Republic Services security breach could affect 82, 000 people Audrey McNeil
Why Security Is Often an Afterthought on Video Game Websites Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 10 September

Hunt's 'paperless', data-pimpin g NHS plan gets another £240m Lee J
Google says has right to read your emails Lee J
Thousands of Social Security numbers exposed in Pierce County Jake Kouns
FDIC: Improve Vendor Management Jake Kouns
United States: Federal Court Dismisses Action Brought By Data Breach Plaintiffs For Failure To Demonstrate Injury Under Clapper Jake Kouns
Council fined 70K by ICO over spreadsheet data breach Jake Kouns
USF patient information breach probed Jake Kouns

Wednesday, 11 September

How Did Chinese Hackers Attack Google? Audrey McNeil
Keeping secrets from insiders likely to turn on you Audrey McNeil
Photocopiers – A Recurring Data Sec urity Risk Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 12 September

Shopping cart malware compromises credit card information Lee J
Breached: What happens when a bank ’s data is compromised Audrey McNeil
Reputation management of a data breach Audrey McNeil
FTC Complaint Against Medical Laborat ory Signals Agency’s Continued Intent To Assert Authority In Data-Security-Breach Actions Audrey McNeil
Medical Identity Theft Is Up, Affecting 1.84 Million U.S. Victims: Report Audrey McNeil

Friday, 13 September

Advanced Persistent Threats: Not Your Ordinary Hackers Audrey McNeil
How The Internet Of Things Is Making Our Homes Smarter (And Easier to Hack) Audrey McNeil
Vodafone says hacker steals data of 2 million customers in Germany Lee J
Suspected N. Korean hacking group steals military, diplomatic secrets Lee J
Google calls China the world's most dangerous hacker Lee J

Monday, 16 September

Vodafone Germany hack hits two million customers Audrey McNeil
Your Cat’s Name Could Soon Be Your "Personal Information" Audrey McNeil
Critics question FTC's authority to bring data security complaints Audrey McNeil
Cyber security within financial systems needs to be front of mind. Audrey McNeil
Washington Must Focus on Online Data Security Audrey McNeil
Met police foil "cyber" heist on Santander Bank Lee J
Re: Keeping secrets from insiders likely to turn on you Al Mac Wow
How Secure Is An iPhone 5S Fingerprint? Audrey McNeil
Errant e-mail creates security breach at MNsure Audrey McNeil
Patient claims identity theft after Advocate breach Audrey McNeil
Obamacare Employee Accidentally Sends Out 2, 400 Social Security Numbers blitz

Tuesday, 17 September

New Mobile Survey Reveals 41% of Employees Are Deliberately Leaking Confidential Data security curmudgeon
Android’s Google Authentication is a Hacker’s Delight Lee J
Don't ignore signs of possible child identity theft Audrey McNeil
Breach Prevention: Eight Key Steps Audrey McNeil
Hackers, keep your hands off my defibrillator! Audrey McNeil
Needle in a Haystack: Harnessing Big Data for Security Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 18 September

How To Cushion The Impact Of A Data Breach Audrey McNeil
Despite Threat of Fraud, Most SMB Owners Fail on Security Audrey McNeil
Cyber-Attacks Cost Small Businesses Nearly $9,000 Audrey McNeil

Monday, 23 September

NSA Paid French Hacker Company For Software Exploits, Contract Reveals Audrey McNeil
Hackers for hire: Group in China linked to big cyber attacks Audrey McNeil
Swisscom embarrassed by sensitive data leak Audrey McNeil
NSA Admits That Snowden's Data Theft Was Incredibly Easy Audrey McNeil
Testers penetrated DOT-wide network Audrey McNeil
Everything you need to start an identity theft empire in one convenient bundle Audrey McNeil
Attack Resolution Time Biggest Concern for Network Security Pros: Report Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 24 September

Study: Enterprises Fail To Test End User Awareness Training, Password Policies Audrey McNeil
Channel beware: permanent data destruction is harder than it looks Audrey McNeil
Cyber Threats Pose Potential Systemic Risk Audrey McNeil
Cyber security costs soar at global financial institutions with increasing hacker attacks Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 25 September

Termination: When Is It Appropriate? Assessing When Firing Someone After a Breach Makes Sense Audrey McNeil
Medical Info for Sale Online Audrey McNeil
Federal cyber security pros lack confidence in FISMA Audrey McNeil
Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones Lee J
Bank robbers pose as IT guys, rig dev ice to slurp £1.3m from Barclays Lee J

Friday, 27 September

Corporates Caught Unaware - Tales From The Front Line Of Cyber Security Audrey McNeil
The dirty war on information security Audrey McNeil
Prepare yourself for a nationwide cyber attack Audrey McNeil
Data broker giants hacked by ID theft service Daniel O'Donnell
Youth Cyber Crimes on the Rise, but How Ready Are We? Audrey McNeil
Universities learn to deal with hacking Audrey McNeil
Virginia Tech hack caused by human error, official says [The Roanoke Times, Va.] Lee J

Monday, 30 September

Dutch IT companies rebel against security breach notification law Audrey McNeil
9 Key Steps in a Proactive Cybersecurity Review Audrey McNeil
Privileged users pose a risk to your company's security Audrey McNeil
Spear Phishing: How to Fight Back Audrey McNeil
Hacker 'mercenaries' linked to spying Lee J
Judge Gives Go-Ahead to Case Equating Gmail Scanning with Wiretapping Lee J
Huge cyberattack on China was lone hacker, official claims Audrey McNeil
The New KISS Rule: Keep Information Security Simple Audrey McNeil
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