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Wednesday, 02 October

How to survive (if not prevent) a breach Audrey McNeil
Data Broker Giants Hacked by ID Theft Service Lee J
Syrian cyber attacks could threaten Asian nations Audrey McNeil
Insurance staff 'being targeted by data-theft criminals' Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 03 October

Small businesses urged to encrypt data after London sole trader fined £5,000 Audrey McNeil
Establishing The New Normal After A Breach Audrey McNeil
A dark prophecy of our cybercrime future Audrey McNeil
Silent Circle claims major companies not declaring data breaches Audrey McNeil
Adobe Data Breach Exposes 3 Million Customer Credit Cards Richard Forno

Friday, 04 October

You’ve been breached: Who should be held accountable? Audrey McNeil
Security Staff Feel Largely Unprepared for Cyber-Espionage and APTs Audrey McNeil
Watering hole attacks are becoming increasingly popular, says study Audrey McNeil
Govs Urge Action to Thwart Cyberattacks, Computer Hacking Audrey McNeil

Monday, 07 October

Spear phishing poses threat to industrial control systems Audrey McNeil
Global cybersecurity still fractured but getting tougher Audrey McNeil
Identity theft fears as a faulty laptop is resold on eBay Audrey McNeil
Cyber attacks will cause real world harm in next seven years Audrey McNeil
Cyber Defence Unit Set Up By UK Military Lee J
Japan to Upgrade Its Cyberdefense Capabilities Lee J

Wednesday, 09 October

UK becomes first country to disclose plans for cyber attack capability Lee J
Beware This Trojan Virus That Infects Your Smartphone and Hacks Your Bank Accounts Lee J
Virginia developing database of residents identities Lee J
North Dakota Breach Notification Law - Personal Information Includes Health Information Lee J
Kiwi firms exposing sensitive data to helpdesks Lee J

Thursday, 10 October

GAO: Fifty Percent of Feds Aren't Informed of Cyber Risks Audrey McNeil
Tech Insight: Top 4 Problem Areas that Lead to Internal Data Breaches Audrey McNeil
Enhancing Cybersecurity And Data Privacy: The Role Of Private Citizens Audrey McNeil
What Drives People to Maintain Information Security Audrey McNeil
Data Broker Hackers Also Compromised NW3C Lee J

Friday, 11 October

How to hack your own bank account using information on the Internet Audrey McNeil
How To Avoid Health Data Breaches Audrey McNeil
Study highlights the ups and downs of infosec management Audrey McNeil
US government: 'Tech firms should not be allowed to publish data requests' Lee J
Rock County driver-data snooping settlement: $2 million Lee J
Compliance Is Still a Worry, but Security Is Now a Top Concern Audrey McNeil
UnityPoint security breach puts records of 1, 800 patients at risk Audrey McNeil
Security industry in 'rut, ' struggling to keep up with cybercriminals Audrey McNeil
How to Spot (and Stop) ATM Skimmers Audrey McNeil
How the Adobe hack could fuel next wave of cyberattacks Audrey McNeil
New Law Requires Local Public Agencies in California To Notify Anyone Affected by a Security Breach Audrey McNeil
Cyber Security Awareness - Why Higher Education Institutions Need To Address Digital Threats Audrey McNeil
Hackers used "mass resources" to break into EU telecoms system Lee J

Thursday, 17 October

Firms, Researchers Seek Better Ways To Detect Evasive Threats Audrey McNeil
Antivirus software doesn't deter hackers Audrey McNeil
State Attorneys General Are Crucial Force In Enforcement of Data Breach Statutes Audrey McNeil
Doctors: Is There a Data Breach In Your Practice’s Future? Audrey McNeil
NIST, Cyberdefense is Shut Down in the Shutdown Audrey McNeil
Blackhole malware kingpin ‘Paunch ’ arrested in Russia Lee J
Hackers move to create next Blackhole after 'Paunch' arrest Lee J
Report indicates insider threats leading cause of data breaches in last 12 months Lee J
How your CMS could be breeding security vulnerabilities Audrey McNeil
Frequency, cost of cyberattacks on the rise Audrey McNeil
ENISA Offers Incident Response Advice Audrey McNeil

Friday, 18 October

New Report Says Cyberthreats Multiplying Like Tribbles Audrey McNeil
The surprising truth about medical ID thieves Audrey McNeil
Ex-DHHS Employee Pleads Guilty in Medicaid Data Breach Lee J
Vodafone Germany admits to another data breach [Global Data Point] Lee J
NSA director defends spying efforts Lee J
Don't Let Human Error Compromise Patient Data Audrey McNeil

Monday, 21 October

Back door found in D-Link routers Lee J
Law firms must address cyber threat says Deloitte Audrey McNeil
Top 15 Indicators Of Compromise Audrey McNeil
Insider threats and how they can be mitigated Audrey McNeil
A five-pillar survival guide for an insecure cyber world Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 22 October

Half of All Federal Agency Security Breaches Caused by Lack of User Compliance Audrey McNeil
Low-Tech Scheme Targets Small Merchants Audrey McNeil
New Hacker Threat -- Targeting You Through Your Kids Audrey McNeil
The Next Hurricane Katrina: Energy Executives and Cyber Security Audrey McNeil
Hackers Figured Out How to Hijack Shipping Vessel Tracking Systems Lee J
Dick Cheney Had Heart Device Replaced Over Fears of Homeland Style Terrorist Attack Lee J

Wednesday, 23 October

Nothing to 'like' about identity theft Audrey McNeil
RI labor agency: Scheme targeted about 350 users of online career center Lee J
Federal Agencies Vulnerable to Security Threats, Study Says Audrey McNeil
Court ruling sparks patient privacy talk Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 24 October

Laptop thefts compromise 729, 000 hospital patient files Audrey McNeil
Consumers Take Their Business Elsewhere After a Data Breach Audrey McNeil
Why Christmas is a hacker's favorite season Audrey McNeil
MOJ fined over prison data leak Lee J
Supreme Court Declines Privacy Claim Against Resale of Driving Records Lee J
How To Avoid Breaches Where You Least Expect Them Lee J
The security blame game: Who should be held accountable for a breach? Audrey McNeil
Departing Employees Are Security Horror Audrey McNeil
One sector especially at risk for cyber attacks, new report says Audrey McNeil
The Data Breach Checklist Your Clients (Hopefully) Never Need Audrey McNeil

Friday, 25 October

Even the Tech-Savvy are Prone to Compromise Audrey McNeil
EU Lawmakers OK Beefing up Data Protection Laws Audrey McNeil
Web-email king Mail.ru gulps $15k fine, fights govt demand to slurp data Lee J
Re: The security blame game: Who should be held accountablefor a breach? Al Mac Wow
Re: Departing Employees Are Security Horror Al Mac Wow

Monday, 28 October

Hagel Wants Unclassified Sensitive Data Protected from Cyber Spying Lee J
Hackers tap suppliers to target business Lee J
Hacking from below: Subcontractors can leave big companies vulnerable Audrey McNeil
Big Breach Highlights Encryption's Value Audrey McNeil
The 'must haves' to make the Framework for Cybersecurity useful Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 30 October

Car hacking: The next global cybercrime? Audrey McNeil
Bank survey finds many tech companies preparing for cyber attacks Audrey McNeil
Despite drop in fraud, businesses told to remain vigilant Audrey McNeil
Web Scammers Get a Jump on Holiday Shoppers Audrey McNeil
Privacy experts debate worth of mass data collection Lee J
Couple That Posed as Anonymous Hackers Sentenced to 3 Years Probation Lee J
3 million Adobe accounts leaked? Make that 38 MILLION... or MORE Audrey McNeil
U.K. Hacker Is Charged With Theft of Data From U.S. Army Lee J
California Attorney General Issues Guidelines on Medical Identity Theft Lee J
Security concerns prompt subpoena for HealthCare.gov data Lee J
No, Your Small Business Is Not Safe From Cyber Attacks Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 31 October

Hackers use Buffer to Send Out Spam on Twitter and Facebook Lee J
New California Data Breach and Privacy Amendments Lee J
Verizon Privacy Vulnerability Discovered by Researcher, Took a Month to Patch Lee J
Man indicted for alleged military data hack using ColdFusion flaws, SQL attacks Lee J
Weak security to blame for tax agency ’s data leaks, privacy watchdog says Lee J
Crypto protocols mostly crocked says euro infosec think-tank ENISA Lee J
Government memo warned of high security risk at health care website Jake

Monday, 04 November

Dark Mail Alliance promises virtually NSA-proof email next year Lee J
New malware variant suggests cybercriminals targeting SAP users Lee J
Los Angeles creates 'Cyber Intrusion Command Center' Lee J
Iranian Takes Credit For POS Hack That Spills Three Million Bank Accounts Lee J
Exclusive: HealthCare.gov Users Warn of Security Risk, Breach of Privacy Lee J
Snowden ‘may meet whoever he wants ’ over Merkel phone hack – Kremlin Lee J
Weakness that exposed DOE employee data still common Audrey McNeil
Will Your Site be Hacked on Nov. 5? Audrey McNeil
25% of Data Breaches Turn Into ID Theft Audrey McNeil
What hackers can discover about you is 'chilling' Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 07 November

Insurance: Irresistible to Cyber Criminals Audrey McNeil
Major corporations fail to defend against social engineering Audrey McNeil
Mass website hacking tool alerts to dangers of Google dorks Lee J

Friday, 08 November

Best practices for reducing the cost of a data breach Audrey McNeil
Researcher believes Microsoft zero-day is targeting Pakistan Lee J
Critical Intel: Three Steps to Preventing USB Data Breaches Audrey McNeil
The danger of cybersecurity 'ghettos' Audrey McNeil
Airline Industry Swooping in to Prevent Cyberattacks Audrey McNeil

Monday, 11 November

China military hackers persist despite being outed by US, says report Lee J
Apple Releases Report on Government Demands for User Data Lee J
Congress turns up heat on VA data breaches Audrey McNeil
Don't Be A Hacker's Puppet Audrey McNeil
Avoiding Google's Dreaded 'Blacklist' Audrey McNeil
Traditional security models becoming exhausted Audrey McNeil
More firms eye contractors' computer security plans Audrey McNeil
United States: New DoD Rule Promotes Voluntary Sharing of Cyber-Security Threat Information Between DoD and Defense Contractors Audrey McNeil
Long live perimeter security Audrey McNeil
25 Years in Prison for Identity Theft? Lee J
Silk Road 2.0 launches one month after FBI takes down original Lee J

Tuesday, 12 November

Online Scans: Precursor to Attack? Audrey McNeil
ColdFusion Hacks Point To Unpatched Systems Audrey McNeil
Data security: pay it now or pay out later Audrey McNeil
Enterprise defenses lag despite rising cybersecurity awareness Audrey McNeil
ICO to update privacy policies guidance Audrey McNeil
Malware Incidents Go Unreported, Particularly in Large Businesses Audrey McNeil
How much do hackers cost businesses? Stanford conference seeks to find out Audrey McNeil
New-Age Hackers Audrey McNeil
After Adobe Hack, Other Sites Re-Set Passwords Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 13 November

Greater urgency needed in fight against cybercrime Audrey McNeil
Senior executives blamed for a majority of undisclosed security incidents Audrey McNeil
Cyberattacks greatest threat to survival of UK businesses today Audrey McNeil
Businesses suffer from a false sense of security, study shows Audrey McNeil
Adobe Breach Inadvertently Tied to Other Accounts Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 14 November

Seoul forum calls for international rules for cyber warfare Audrey McNeil
Your biggest risk is from within your own company Audrey McNeil
Beware scammers gathering data via fake social net IDs Audrey McNeil
Glitch in the system: The Loyaltybuild data breach Audrey McNeil
Hack of MacRumors forums exposes password data for 860, 000 users Audrey McNeil
How Secure is Your Old and Inactive User Data? Audrey McNeil
Classical Bank Robbery With A Cyber Twist Audrey McNeil
Rise in cyberattacks means firms must develop security skills and mindset Audrey McNeil

Monday, 18 November

MongoHQ data breach a cautionary tale for startups Audrey McNeil
Don't be fooled by the name: cyber security is about people, not technology Audrey McNeil
UK consumers demand to be told of all data breaches Audrey McNeil
Can the new HIPAA rule cut PHI breaches? Audrey McNeil
Exclusive - FBI warns of U.S. govt breaches by Anonymous hackers Lee J

Thursday, 21 November

Medical identity theft on the rise Audrey McNeil
Mobile Banking Threat on the Rise as Hackers 'Refine' Techniques Audrey McNeil
NSA chief says Edward Snowden leaked up to 200, 000 secret documents Lee J
Hackers Find Flaw in Microsoft Silverlight, Millions of Users Now at Risk [Updated] Lee J
Feds Arrest 5 More Suspects in $45 Million Global Bank Heist Jake

Friday, 22 November

CryptoLocker Virus Infects 12, 000 Computers In One Week: How Hackers Are Avoiding Detection Lee J
Google strengthens its SSL configuration against possible attacks Lee J
Yahoo encrypts all products, asserts it never gave access to data Lee J
CME Hack Draws FBI Probe While Renewing Market Structure Anxiety Audrey McNeil
How Fraudsters Conceal ATM Fraud Audrey McNeil

Monday, 25 November

Information Security: Do Businesses Even Truly Care? Audrey McNeil
Time to ignore manufacturers that are security slackers Audrey McNeil
Cyber Monday full of identity theft risks Audrey McNeil
Small firms ‘easy prey for cyber cr iminals’ Audrey McNeil
Chinese Hackers Seen Exploiting Cloud Computing to Spy on U.S. Lee J
Data centers play fast and loose with reliability credentials Lee J

Tuesday, 26 November

Why the Adobe Hack Scares Me -- And Why It Should Scare You Audrey McNeil
How NSA's hack of Google, Yahoo goes back to Reagan's 1981 Executive Order Lee J
Pre-hacked Electronics Come Straight From China’s Factories Lee J
Cyber gang card heist worth €15m Lee J
A third of SMBs unaware they've been cyber attack victims Audrey McNeil
Canadian data breaches: The only thing that will lead to change Audrey McNeil
You WILL be Hacked – Cope With It Audrey McNeil
The Stuxnet Attack On Iran's Nuclear Plant Was 'Far More Dangerous' Than Previously Thought Audrey McNeil
Financial malware 'i2Ninja' being sold on Russian cyber crime forum Lee J
Privacy’s worst nightmare: Compan y advertises over 1bn license plate records Lee J

Tuesday, 03 December

NSA infected 50, 000 computer networks with malicious software Lee J
Dear John, thoughts on the Cupid Media breach Audrey McNeil
Cyber-attack at a major port could cost $1 billion per day Audrey McNeil
Public sector needs cyber help 'more than big firms' Audrey McNeil
Why Your Business Might Be a Perfect Target for Hackers Audrey McNeil
How the UK got data breach notification over the line Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 04 December

Who is practicing security best practice? Audrey McNeil
Hackers hijacking free Wi-Fi, especially at airports Audrey McNeil
Top signs that you've been breached Audrey McNeil
In Securing Your Supply Chain, Don ’t Forget To Lock The Back Door Audrey McNeil

Monday, 16 December

Study finds most mobile apps put your security and privacy at risk Audrey McNeil
Businesses need a plan when a data breach happens Audrey McNeil
Software Vulnerabilities Lead to Internal Security Problems: Kaspersky Audrey McNeil
Senator Wants Cybersecurity Answers from Automakers Audrey McNeil
LA Gay and Lesbian Center Compromised by Cyberthieves Dan O'Donnell
The problem with modern day bank robberies Lee J
Are Your IT Workers Putting Your Company at Risk? Yes, They Are. Audrey McNeil
Why would hackers target my little company? Audrey McNeil
Young professionals exposing workplaces to cyber attack Audrey McNeil
Cybercrime and the Deep Web: What Midsize Firms Should Know Audrey McNeil
Trend Micro: One major data breach a month in 2014? Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 17 December

Data, data everywhere! Where it comes from, nobody really knows? Jake
Four in five top Android and iOS apps 'have been hacked' Audrey McNeil
Cybersecurity Bill Introduced in House Audrey McNeil
Inadequate electronic disposal protocols can lead to security leaks Audrey McNeil
Global Exchanges Forge Cyber Security Alliance Against Hackers Audrey McNeil
NDP urge investigation of privacy breaches at Canada Revenue Agency Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 19 December

Target Says Data for 40 Million Shoppers Was Stolen Jake
93% of organisations suffered a data breach in 2013 Audrey McNeil
How Could a Data Breach Affect Me? Audrey McNeil
Cyberattacks and Security Risk: Why One-Third of Midsize Companies Turn a Blind Eye Audrey McNeil
Data breaches have eroded consumer faith in security, Fujitsu finds Audrey McNeil
Drug companies fear cyber thieves may have accessed corporate secrets Audrey McNeil
Smart devices get smarter, but still lack security Audrey McNeil
How hackers made minced meat of Department of Energy networks Audrey McNeil

Friday, 20 December

Target Notification letter security curmudgeon
Shocking stats about email data: are you safe? Audrey McNeil
Common Security Mistakes Small Business Make and What to Avoid Audrey McNeil
How Long Can Cloud Servers Hold Off Hackers? Not as Long as You Think Audrey McNeil
AIG Says Companies Massively Under-Insured for Cyber Risk Audrey McNeil
Preventing Data Breaches: Back to the Basics Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 24 December

Ambient Computer Noise Leaks Your Encryption Keys Network IPdog
Survey: Americans 5 times more worried about hackers than browser tracking Audrey McNeil
The Year Ahead In Cyber Security: What You Need To Know Audrey McNeil
Target breach shows weaknesses in U.S. data security Audrey McNeil
Governments, firms at risk of cyber attacks from various nation-states Audrey McNeil

Friday, 27 December

The Year Hacktivists And The Government Went To War Audrey McNeil
Cyber-threats of 2014 revealed Audrey McNeil
Cyber threats to bank accounts on the rise: Report Audrey McNeil
Dermatology practice settles potential HIPAA violations Jake
Healthcare Data Breaches To Surge In 2014 Audrey McNeil
Why 2013 was the year of the personal data breach Audrey McNeil
Cyber attacks ‘to accelerate in new year’ Audrey McNeil
Our nation's growing cyber crisis Audrey McNeil
With an increased reliance on technology and convenience, consumers pave road for hackers Audrey McNeil
Target Admits Customer PIN Data Removed but Says It's 'Secure' Jake

Monday, 30 December

Cyber terrorism is 'biggest threat to aircraft' Audrey McNeil
US Sen. Menendez wants Federal Trade Commission to hold companies accountable for hacks Audrey McNeil
Security hackers got you scared? Focus on fundamentals, not hype Audrey McNeil
Chain confirms it was source of breach affecting conventions Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 31 December

Another View: Banks, credit firms, retailers put customer data at risk Audrey McNeil
Data Breaches, Privacy and Cyber-Insurance - "What You Need To Know To Protect Your Business" Audrey McNeil
Fearful of Cyber Attacks, Military Tightens Control Over Data Networks Audrey McNeil
Hacking: Number One Fear among Consumers Audrey McNeil
6 Information Security New Year's Resolutions Audrey McNeil
Key security attacks in 2013 Audrey McNeil
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