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Wednesday, 01 January

Data Breach: The Downside of Data Loss for SMBs Audrey McNeil
Privacy Management for Midsize Firms Audrey McNeil
Data, Privacy and Economic Station: The Data Vulnerabilities of Those Less Advantaged Audrey McNeil
Snapchat user info database leaks Richard Forno
7 sneak attacks used by today's most devious hackers Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 02 January

Correction: Data Breach: The Downside of Data Loss for SMBs Audrey McNeil
Number of lost NHS patient records on increase Audrey McNeil
Federal departments consider banning USB keys in wake of dozens of security breaches Audrey McNeil
Security Strategy Lacking in Midsize Businesses Audrey McNeil
How to Improve HIPAA Training Audrey McNeil

Friday, 03 January

The Target Data Breach Lawsuits: Why Every Company Should Care Audrey McNeil
The True Cost of Cyberattacks on Companies Audrey McNeil
Snapchat hack should be wake-up call Audrey McNeil
Cyber Terrorism Audrey McNeil
Is rapid detection the new prevention? Audrey McNeil

Monday, 06 January

If you think just because you use different passwords for different services you're safe, think again Audrey McNeil
The ‘Uncertainty Index’ Audrey McNeil
5 Monitoring Initiatives For 2014 Audrey McNeil
Algorithms are changing the face of situational awareness and online security Audrey McNeil
String of Data Breaches Show Holiday Season Vulnerability Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 07 January

Target's data breach sparks calls for action Audrey McNeil
Biggest corporate security threats Audrey McNeil
DHS cyber security turning focus to insider threats Audrey McNeil
Federal Election Commission Faces Serious Security Failings, with Few Plans to Remedy Audrey McNeil
How To Catch-Up in a Revised HIPAA World Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 08 January

The High Cost of Not Protecting Data Audrey McNeil
Senior Managers As The Insider Threat Audrey McNeil
Is Your Security Program Effective? 7 Must-Ask Questions Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 09 January

The Hidden Danger After the Snapchat Hack Audrey McNeil
Hacked Agencies are Inconsistent in Alerting Victims Audrey McNeil
How hack attacks can cost you money Audrey McNeil
Cyber Security: Get real about risk Audrey McNeil

Friday, 10 January

Target estimates breach affected up to 110 million Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 14 January

IT security more critical now than executives expected two years ago Audrey McNeil
The case for forecasting cyberattacks Audrey McNeil
Omnicell data breach suit dismissal: Healthcare ramifications Audrey McNeil
Data breach reporting mandate may be a needless distraction Audrey McNeil
Retail needs tighter security measures: exec Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 16 January

Why (most) consumer data breach class actions vs Target are doomed Audrey McNeil
Hackers discover flaws that may leave water and electricity networks vulnerable Audrey McNeil
Health Care Sector to Test Reflexes for Cyber Attack Audrey McNeil
Cisco: POS Systems Key Vulnerability in Security Breaches Audrey McNeil
Why are brick-and-mortar retailers crumbling under hacker attacks? Audrey McNeil

Friday, 17 January

Differing standards of protection possible for compliance with new EU rules on IT security Audrey McNeil
Ways to avoid a multi-million dollar security disaster Audrey McNeil
Worried About the Target Breach? Add This Term to Your Vocabulary Audrey McNeil
How Your Business Can Be Hacked into Bankruptcy Audrey McNeil
Laws let companies wait weeks, months to disclose data breeches Audrey McNeil
Malware used in Target breach sold on underground forums Audrey McNeil
The 4 Ways You’ll Get Hacked Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 21 January

Hotel Lawyer: The Growing Problem of Security Breaches with Sensitive Customer Information Audrey McNeil
AIG: Cyber insurance sales have risen by 30% Audrey McNeil
7 ways to work around security compliance problems Audrey McNeil
State Dept. computers open to hacke rs — report Audrey McNeil
South Korean data breach linked to an insider Audrey McNeil
DDoS And Infrastructure Attacks Among The Biggest Threats In 2014 Audrey McNeil
Target breach notifications are a perfect example of what not to do Audrey McNeil
Accounting Firms Need a Defensible Data Breach Response Plan Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 22 January

Fwd: Store customers: Information on potential fraudulent payment card activity Jake
Why You Need Cyber Liability Insurance Audrey McNeil
How consumers can prepare for future cyberattacks Audrey McNeil
How much money has your IT infrastructure lost you? Audrey McNeil
South Korea and the U.S. Reacted Much Differently to a Credit Card Theft Scandal Audrey McNeil
The Kartoxa virus: Blame corporate complacency, not hackers Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 28 January

Tech firms vie to secure energy sector against cyberattacks Audrey McNeil
Laptop containing health information for thousands stolen, province seeking investigation Audrey McNeil
What Americans should fear in cyberspace Audrey McNeil
Seven signs your business is being hacked Audrey McNeil
The internet of things needs a new security model. Which one will win? Audrey McNeil
Hacker economics: Three cost effective ways to tackle hackers Audrey McNeil
Cyber breach insurance: What, me worry? Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 29 January

Most SMB employees in fear of identity theft in the workplace Audrey McNeil
Power Utility Substations At Risk Audrey McNeil
Coca-Cola: Stolen Laptops Had Personal Information of 74, 000 Audrey McNeil
One Crucial Thing You Probably Don't Know About Security Breaches Audrey McNeil
Law that hides massive health privacy breach from patients is useless Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 30 January

Malware threatens small businesses’ data, livelhood Audrey McNeil
FBI warns of memory-scraping malware in wake of Target breach Audrey McNeil
Retailer data breach trend not likely to end soon Audrey McNeil
3 Ways Companies Can Protect Against Hackers Audrey McNeil
How to Respond to Cyber Attacks on Your Business Audrey McNeil

Friday, 31 January

Beyond Disasters: The National Guard Takes On Hackers Audrey McNeil
Adding Up the Costs of Data Breaches Audrey McNeil
If your credit card was charged $9.84, your information may have been stolen Audrey McNeil
After Target, Neiman Marcus breaches, does PCI compliance mean anything? security curmudgeon

Tuesday, 04 February

David Nosal, Employee Data Theft, and Why Employment Lawyers Should Understand Their Clients' IT Infrastructure Audrey McNeil
Fuzzy math: The need for a national cyber breach notification standard Audrey McNeil
Web Hosting Servers At Increased Risk of Attack by Hackers Audrey McNeil
ChewBacca Malware Stole 49, 000 Payment Card Details in 11 Countries Audrey McNeil
Yahoo Email Account Passwords Stolen Audrey McNeil
5 Lessons From the Latest Data Breaches Audrey McNeil

Friday, 07 February

As Cyber Crime Matures, More Hacked Accounts Expected Audrey McNeil
Target credential theft highlights third-party vendor risk Audrey McNeil
Windows XP support cutoff poses data breach risk for retailer Audrey McNeil
Congress is looking into consumer data security: But will it actually act? security curmudgeon
Having your financial identity stolen is awful. Having your medical identity stolen is worse Audrey McNeil

Monday, 10 February

Getting ahead of new threats Audrey McNeil
Eleven sure signs you've been hacked Audrey McNeil
SEC examiners to review how asset managers fend off cyber attacks Audrey McNeil
Fraud risk soaring for data breach victims Audrey McNeil
Report: 4 in 10 Government Security Breaches Go Undetected Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 11 February

In data-heavy economy, breaches likely Audrey McNeil
98% of SSL enabled websites still using SHA-1 based weak Digital Certificates Audrey McNeil
Big Data Breaches -- The Shape of Things to Come Audrey McNeil
In Our View: Data Breaches Demand Action Audrey McNeil
Breach Hearings: How Did Security Fail? Audrey McNeil

Friday, 14 February

U.S. retailers turn to security industry for help Audrey McNeil
How To Protect Your Health Data From Thievery Audrey McNeil
Thieves target health insurance policy numbers Audrey McNeil
Tips for handling your first security breach Audrey McNeil
Target's data breach could signal cybercrime wave Audrey McNeil
Banking Cyber-Attack Trends to Watch Audrey McNeil

Saturday, 15 February

Forbes Data Breach Impacts Over 1 Millions Accounts Jake
Important Kickstarter Security Notice (fwd) security curmudgeon
Cyberattack and data loss preoccupies UK SMEs despite rise in confidence Audrey McNeil
On Deck: The Cybersecurity Framework Audrey McNeil

Monday, 17 February

New hopes for U.S. data breach law collide with old reality Audrey McNeil
Study shows those responsible for security face mounting pressures Audrey McNeil
Employee file sharing practices put corporate data at risk, study finds Audrey McNeil
Building the security bridge to the Millennials Audrey McNeil
Data breaches drive growth in use of encryption, global study finds Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 18 February

2013 Exposed Records Sets the Stage for Massive Identity Theft Audrey McNeil
What the New Cybersecurity Standards Mean for Federal Contractors Audrey McNeil
Study: Most Security Pros Unsure If They Could Handle A Breach Audrey McNeil
How To Prepare Your Small Business For An Inevitable Data Breach Audrey McNeil
What is "Expedient" Notification of a "Data Breach?" Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 19 February

How to reduce data breach and cyber security risk Audrey McNeil
Tokenization key to data security Audrey McNeil
How the NIST cybersecurity framework can help secure the enterprise Audrey McNeil
Should We Blame Russia for the Target Breach? Audrey McNeil
Did Target Ignore Its Security Staff's Data Breach Warnings? Audrey McNeil
Target hack strips banks and credit unions of $200M Jake

Thursday, 20 February

Cyberwars: Lessons For Limiting Government Data Losses Audrey McNeil
3 Reasons Your Medical Records Are at Risk Audrey McNeil
U.S. Companies Lead the Pack in Cyber Security Audrey McNeil
Hackers can use common anti-theft tool to wipe devices remotely Audrey McNeil
Cybersecurity Framework: What's Next? Audrey McNeil
Massive UMCP Data Breach Richard Forno

Friday, 28 February

Study Shows Recycled Computers Give Away Our Most Personal Information Audrey McNeil
Financial sector hit hard by data breach cleanup costs Audrey McNeil
Physician Practices, Health Care Organizations See Own Staff as Source of Security Breaches Audrey McNeil
At Cybersecurity Conference, Concern Grows Over Outsourcing Audrey McNeil
Juniper Networks exec: 'First-world outrage' will not help cyber security Audrey McNeil
Secret Service investigating possible data breach at Sears security curmudgeon

Monday, 03 March

Hacked in 20 Minutes: Social Engineering Done Right Audrey McNeil
Why security pros should care about Bitcoin's troubles Audrey McNeil
What to do (and not do) in a data breach response Audrey McNeil
Big fraud: Companies struggle to combat cyber-enemies Audrey McNeil
Medical Records Are A Gold Mine For Cybercrime Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 04 March

Forbes hack throws cold water on its platform dreams Audrey McNeil
Pulling the reins on data breach costs Audrey McNeil
Restoring the Faith: Rebuilding Consumer Confidence in the Wake of a Data Breach Audrey McNeil
Recent hacks spur new company cyber spending - survey Audrey McNeil
Payment Card Breaches: Time to Spread the Risk with Mandatory Cyber Insurance Audrey McNeil

Wednesday, 05 March

Why There Will Be Another Major Data Breach Audrey McNeil
Universities Flunk Security as Data Breaches Jolt Education Audrey McNeil
6 lessons learned about the scariest security threats Audrey McNeil
How to Test the Security Savvy of Your Staff Audrey McNeil
Less than zero: Zero-day vulnerabilities Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 13 March

Why do companies keep getting hacked? Audrey McNeil
Everything I know about computer security I learned in kindergarten Audrey McNeil
Cyberinsurance: Do You Need It? Audrey McNeil
Budget issues: The SMB dilemma Audrey McNeil
California to step up cybersecurity efforts after hundreds of data breaches Audrey McNeil

Friday, 14 March

Medical Device Security: The Hurdles Audrey McNeil
Social engineering attacks: Is security focused on the wrong problem? Audrey McNeil
4 Things to Know About Health IT Security Audrey McNeil
Tech Toolkit: How to prevent a subcontractor security breach Audrey McNeil
Five Valuable Takeaways from Recent Cyber Breaches Audrey McNeil

Monday, 17 March

Your Employees Don't Care About Data Security. Here's Why Audrey McNeil
Malware samples tripled in 2013 as point-of-sale attacks boomed Audrey McNeil
Despite urging of law enforcement, no easy solution for notifying consumers on data breaches Audrey McNeil
Secret Service Agent Says Many Cyber Breaches Go Unreported Audrey McNeil
Breaches Highlight Cybersecurity Issues at PE-Backed Companies Audrey McNeil
Wake-Up Call From the Largest Data Breach in History Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 18 March

New EU cybersecurity law avoids making big Internet companies report breaches Audrey McNeil
Human error tops Ponemon patient data security study threats Audrey McNeil
Cyber Insurance: 6 Facts You Should Know Audrey McNeil
Hackers Already Making Lists of Windows XP Vulnerabilities, Says Expert Audrey McNeil
Another two universities suffer data breaches, but notification still too slow Audrey McNeil
Five Ways That Small Businesses Risk Customer Data Audrey McNeil
Hackers erode job security for tech execs Audrey McNeil

Thursday, 20 March

Disclosing data breaches: There oughta be a law Audrey McNeil
Why 'leaky bucket' approach to managing security threats will never work Audrey McNeil
Cyber Criminals Using Online Attack Kits to Steal Data Audrey McNeil
Bank Files Unique Suit Against Target Audrey McNeil
Have we got cyber risks covered? Audrey McNeil
Is the 5th Time the Charm? - Nationalizing Data Breach Notification Audrey McNeil

Friday, 21 March

1 in 3 businesses have no incident response plan Audrey McNeil
Japan holds first cyberattack drill to bolster national security Audrey McNeil
Is HIPAA lulling health orgs into a false sense of security? Audrey McNeil
The Year of Encryption Audrey McNeil
4 Lessons CIOs Can Learn From the Target Breach Audrey McNeil

Monday, 24 March

Possible 1 Million Credit Cards Details Leaked Audrey McNeil

Tuesday, 25 March

Court approves first-of-its-kind data breach settlement Audrey McNeil
'Cyber-shame' means never having to say you were hacked Audrey McNeil
Medical Identity Theft: Does The Health Care Industry Think It's Too Big for Its Breaches? Audrey McNeil
20 Questions to Ask Your IT Staff Right Now Audrey McNeil
How to Protect Against a Data Breach Audrey McNeil
Companies Turn to Cyber Insurance as Hacker Threats Mount Audrey McNeil

Friday, 28 March

Most businesses unprepared for cyberattack, study finds Audrey McNeil
Study Pegs Corporates' Cyber Crime Cost at $500 bn Audrey McNeil
Impact of EA Games hack on Apple shows ripple effect of attacks Audrey McNeil
No consensus on how to notify Target data breach victims Audrey McNeil
Don't Put All Data Breach Blame on the Stores Audrey McNeil
University Breaches: A Continuing Trend Audrey McNeil

Monday, 31 March

In the Big Data Breach Era, the Safety of Your Personal Data is Ultimately Out of Your Hands Audrey McNeil
How to Help Merchants Avoid a Cyber Attack Audrey McNeil
SEC Probes Hacker Risk to Wall Street as Threats Mount Audrey McNeil
Target's lost opportunity to say it's sorry Audrey McNeil
SCADA risk awareness, threats and breaches Audrey McNeil
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