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Successful Security Practices: Counting Failed Login Attempts, Wed., Sep. 3 at Noon ET Valerie Vogel (Aug 29)
This is a topic that is often discussed on our Security and IDM lists. Please consider joining next Wednesday’s webinar
offered by Internet2 and InCommon to hear two different campus approaches.

Have a great weekend!

Successful Security Practices: Counting Failed Login Attempts
Wed., Sept. 3, 2014 at Noon ET

Looking to change your security practices by counting failed login attempts and locking accounts after the...

Electronic Transfer of PII Pardonek, Jim (Aug 29)
Our HR Dept. is in the process of putting in a workflow that will allow for managers to use a Multi-Function Device to
scan and transfer new employee information, such as w9 and direct deposit, directly into our document management system
DocFinity. The proposed workflow would have the MFD send the scanned output to a designated email account in our
exchange environment which will then be picked up and deleted by a process on the DocFinity...

Job Posting: IT Security Manager Parks, Mitch (mitch () uidaho edu) (Aug 28)
Our team is growing and I am pleased to announce this opportunity at the University of Idaho for an IT Security Manager.

As a third generation Idaho Vandal, I am obviously fond of the place and may be biased, but if you are looking to move
a bit beyond an analyst position, but still want to be able to play with things like FTK, Splunk and Bro, consider
making a change: minimize your commute and...

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Bill Kyle (Aug 28)

At Johns Hopkins we allow everyone to use eduroam. If you log in with Hopkins’ credentials you are given an address in
the Hopkins’ enterprise eduroam wireless network and are placed on out intranet. There we restrict access via our
internal firewalls. Our Internet firewall allows the minimum ports in the eduroam specification. If you log into
eduroam with non-Hopkins credentials you are given an address in our eduroam guest network....

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage David LaPorte (Aug 28)
We also recently turned up eduroam. While we are not concerned with discouraging on-campus use, we did have concerns
around IP-based software licensing and configured our RADIUS servers to return a VLAN ID (Tunnel-Private-Group-ID
attribute) based on affiliation. That may also work for you if your NAC device is upstream of your wireless

David LaPorte
dlaporte () mit edu

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Michael Hodges (Aug 28)
Ditto for the University of Hawaii

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Mark Borrie (Aug 28)
We don't allow our users (staff/students) to connect to our Eduroam.
They have to use our enterprise wireless network.


Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Julian Y Koh (Aug 27)
We can quarantine hosts on any of our wireless networks: secured, guest, or eduroam. When a faculty/staff/student
connects to eduroam, they get the same experience as they would on our regular secured network.

We actually see a ton of faculty/staff/students on our guest network, usually because they’re using devices that either
can’t support WPA2-Enterprise or there’s some issue with the device that prevents it from joining the secured...

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Dexter Caldwell (Aug 27)
We do not yet have this issue, though we’ve anticipated a similar issue with a change in how we plan to implement guest
wireless. There are a few ways to options for managing this- enforce NAC on eduroam SSIDs (recommended), limit
bandwidth usage on eduroam ssid’s, allow access only non-employee and non-student accounts access to it, limit
hours/lifetime of account access or provide other incentives to be on the internal network...

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Eme Ejike (Aug 26)
At Old Dominion University we have the Eduroam SSID tied to our device
profiler and NAC solution.
In the event that a system needs to be quarantined, we have maintained
the ability to do so.

Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Robert Winding (Aug 26)
Eduroam results in the same NAC as our secure network if you're ND student,
faculty, employee, in the nd.edu domain.


Re: Eduroam and Student Usage Roger A Safian (Aug 26)
We don’t treat Eduroam any differently than other SSID’s. We have the ability to quarantine on any of them.

From: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:SECURITY () LISTSERV EDUCAUSE EDU] On Behalf Of
Pardonek, Jim
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:48 AM
Subject: [SECURITY] Eduroam and Student Usage

I am sorry if this has been discussed before, but we have recently turned up and...

Eduroam and Student Usage Pardonek, Jim (Aug 26)
I am sorry if this has been discussed before, but we have recently turned up and eduroam ssid on campus and have
noticed a mass exodus from our secured (with NAC) ssid over to eduroam where we are not posturing computers. We have
our normal concerns such as being able to quarantine a DMCA offender or a computer with malware until we can find it
and get it cleaned, etc.

If you are an eduroam school I would be interested in what you are doing...

Submit a Proposal for EDUCAUSE Connect 2015 in Atlanta by September 4 Valerie Vogel (Aug 25)
Please consider submitting a proposal for EDUCAUSE Connect: Atlanta (February 25-27, 2015).

The topic of information security is included under two of the 2015 Program Learning Themes: Enterprise Service
Delivery and Partnerships and Collaborations. Share your practical experience and thought leadership with others in the
higher ed community.

Proposals are due next Thursday, September 4....

Job Posting: Information Security Administrator - College of the Holy Cross, Worcester MA Shettler, David (Aug 25)
Good morning,

Holy Cross is seeking an Information Security Administrator to help
grow our security initiatives.

The Information Security Administrator, under general direction of the
Information Security officer and ITS senior staff, performs activities
necessary to ensure the safety of information systems and assets, and
protection of information from unauthorized access, modification and
disclosure. This position assists in development of...

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