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Resources for Presidents and Senior Executives: Information Security Valerie Vogel (Sep 18)
Dear Security Discussion list members,

EDUCAUSE has created new resources for presidents and senior executives: http://www.educause.edu/executive-briefs

These executive briefs are designed to help institutional leaders optimize the impact of IT in higher education. The
Foundations offer a framework for considering higher education’s most pressing IT challenges as strategically important
opportunities for the institution. The Key Questions...

Re: RuffaloCODY Fundraising Management question Walter Petruska (Sep 18)

well. Discussions and negotiations are important. I'd try to put
everything possible on them- the employees, the wireless, the laptops, the
server, the firewall, the supervisor's employment, training, etc.

Topologically- drawings, drawings, drawings! Include them as an
attachment/appendix to the agreement thus defining the scope

Re: U-wide Full-Disk Encryption Costs Swick, Forrest (Sep 18)
We have used Checkpoint in the Past on our Apple Macintosh products and Sophos/Utimaco Safeguard on Windows products.
With the built in encryption with the newer Apple OSx's and Windows Products we are using the Vendor products with
their recommended management structure.

Forrest H. Swick
Information Security, Information Management and Technology
Carter 0009b . Campus box 19 . Greeley, CO 80639
Desk: (970) 351-1379 ....

Re: U-wide Full-Disk Encryption Costs David Grisham (Sep 18)
We are using McAfee AutoBoot for our workstations and are currently
pushing to the enterprise. Laptops are using McAfee Preboot full disk
Since we own the suite of McAfee products, the prices were not
prohibitive given the fines and costs of breach reporting when
workstations walk away.
Thanks and Cheers.-grish

We have the university and also an academic medical center and
chain. We had used an encryption product (not...

Re: U-wide Full-Disk Encryption Costs Steve Prosser (Sep 18)
We purchased Sophos SafeGuard a few years ago for a limited roll-out to 250 users and were able to negotiate $40 (Cdn.)
per license for three years.

There wasn't any additional people required.
In the agreement, Sophos provided us with premiere support to help us with the installation and configuration of the
console and initial policy setup to govern end-points.
No training materials were brought in but we developed several user and...

FW: deep freeze needs a little thawing Schattle, Donald (Sep 18)
HI Mark,

Please see information from our Public Lab Administrator below.

Hope this helps:)

Donald J. Schattle II, CISM
Information Security Officer
GLB-Act Coordinator
Providence College
schattle () providence edu<mailto:schattle () providence edu>
Statement of Confidentiality

The information contained in this electronic message...

Re: deep freeze needs alittle thawing Shawn Shirley (Sep 18)
We use Deep Freeze on lab computers. Deep Freeze has a feature, I believe
it is called Maintenance Mode, that allows for the thawing of the computer
on a schedule. Currently our lab computers thaw at 3 am for a 2 hour period
for the purpose of applying updates. I believe Maintenance Mode prevents
interaction with the computer during the time period that computer is
thawed. The caveat is if the computer is off at the designated time for...

Re: deep freeze needs alittle thawing SCHALIP, MICHAEL (Sep 18)
We take it a step further.......we use Symantec/Altiris to push packages and updates to certain applications - and we
have a "job" that runs against DeepFreeze to automatically thaw the systems - then run the installs/updates - and then
reboot them - freeze them again - and reboot them one last time - and then, turn them off for the night.....


From: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:SECURITY () LISTSERV...

Re: U-wide Full-Disk Encryption Costs Garmon, Joel (Sep 18)
We have the university and also an academic medical center and hospital
chain. We had used an encryption product (not named) for laptops which
costs $60 per license. It worked great but the cost was prohibitive as we
moved to also encrypt all PCs.

We have moved to Microsoft Bitlocker with the MBAM console. We have been
using it for about 6 months and it is working great. No issues. And it is
part of our enterprise licensing agreement.


Re: deep freeze needs alittle thawing Knights, John (Sep 18)
We researched this at my previous institution. If you use the admin server console for Deepfreeze, you can actually set
up a scheduled time each night or each week to thaw each system for a period of time to allow them to receive and
install updates and then freeze them again.


From: <Bradley>, Stephen <bradlesw () MIAMIOH EDU<mailto:bradlesw () MIAMIOH EDU>>
Reply-To: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent Group Listserv...

Re: deep freeze needs alittle thawing Bradley, Stephen (Sep 18)
I believe Deep Freeze has the feature where you can have it thaw and do the
updates and the freeze itself again.


On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 9:09 AM, Mark Reboli <mreboli () misericordia edu>

U-wide Full-Disk Encryption Costs Carr, Michael G (Sep 18)
Does anyone who has implemented/offered a full-disk encryption safeguard for the entire institution (or, perhaps, just
for laptops & other such mobile storage devices) have any ballpark cost figures they are willing to share?

* Per license or site-wide licensing direct costs?

* Add'l FTE or add'l indirect labor costs?

* Training materials?

* Other?



Michael G. Carr, JD, CISSP, CIPP...

deep freeze needs alittle thawing Mark Reboli (Sep 18)
Our PC services area is utilizing the Faronics Deep Freeze software laptops. The version they are utilizing is The problem I am looking for assistance with is this:

They deep freeze the computer, however due to the deep freeze windows updates are not applied nor is the antivirus
software updated. This creates issues with our NAC, as NAC requires the pcs to be up-to-date on both windows updates
and antivirus.

Is anyone else...

Re: RuffaloCODY Fundraising Management question Plesco, Todd (Sep 17)
Hi Walter,

I'm curious what responses/intelligence you may have collected. We are examining the contract currently and I'm also
coming up with questions of liability and responsibility. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Todd A. Plesco CISM, CBCP
Chapman University, Director of Information Security
Phone: (714) 997-6726/Fax: (714) 744-7041

From: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:SECURITY ()...

Just 2 Weeks Until NCSAM 2014 Valerie Vogel (Sep 17)

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is just 2 weeks away! Help make our campuses safer and more secure.

Here are two quick ways to get ready for October 1:

1) Sign up your institution as a NCSAM Champion; it’s free! http://www.staysafeonline.org/ncsam/champions/
2) Share your plans (and URLs) for campus activities, free community events, or new resources with this list. If you
need ideas, visit...

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