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Re: Cyber Security Awareness Month fun David James Anderson (Oct 24)
Lost my coffee

Re: Cyber Security Awareness Month fun Ken Connelly (Oct 24)
Looks like an outdoor version of this:


And it's much nicer in Logan than in Cedar Falls today.

- ken

Re: Cyber Security Awareness Month fun Bob Bayn (Oct 24)
I'd sure be interested in the actual subject line and sender of that message so I can check our email logs. No weather
report here - see for yourself: http://it.usu.edu/webcam (there seems to be some frivolity on the quad at the moment).

Bob Bayn SER 301 (435)797-2396 IT Security Team
Office of Information Technology, Utah State University
Do you know the "Skeptical Hover Technique" and
how to tell...

Re: Cyber Security Awareness Month fun Barrett, Bruce (Oct 24)
We have been getting phishing e-mails saying that if you want the crypto locker virus to click on the virus link.
Needless to say .......,
Raining appropriately in Rhode Island today.

Sent from my iPad

On Oct 24, 2014, at 5:07 PM, "Lanita Rae Collette" <Lanita.Collette () NAU EDU<mailto:Lanita.Collette () NAU EDU>>

Friday afternoon good humor -- a security awareness video that our training team helped us produce:...

Cyber Security Awareness Month fun Lanita Rae Collette (Oct 24)
Friday afternoon good humor -- a security awareness video that our training team helped us produce:


A beautiful fall day here in Flagstaff, Arizona!


Lanita Collette
University Information Security Officer
Northern Arizona University
(928) 523-8438

Re: Ransomware Flynn, Gary - flynngn (Oct 24)
Speaking strictly for only myself as a test case, I haven't had any problems
on my work or home computers in well over a year maybe two. I handled the
google/Mozilla/dropbox/juniper/bomgar etc updates by exempting code signed
by those organizations from the Applocker policy.

Gary Flynn

Security Engineer

James Madison University

Don't Be A PHISH!



From: The...

RPKI workshop at I2 TechX Michael Sinatra (Oct 23)
Folks, I just wanted to alert you to an RPKI workshop that's happening
at the Internet2 Tech Exchange in Indianapolis. It will be on Sunday
1-4 PM, and it will include a thorough tutorial on routing security and
mainly RPKI. There will also be hands-on opportunities.

If you're going to be at Tech Exchange and will be around on Sunday, I
think this is going to be a really useful workshop for folks. People in
both regional R&E...

Re: Banner Data Guard / VMWare / Zerto (Zert0) / Veeam Richard Siedzik (Oct 23)
Although we’re not there yet, we intend to arrive at a similar destination with Banner. To do that we brought in a new
data management product from a company you may or may not have heard of, Actifio. The product is Actifio CDS. We
currently use the product for data protection, backup and recovery. We’ve pretty much decommissioned all of our legacy
backup products across all our systems. We’re building out a second instance of...

Re: Ransomware Cook, Dale (Oct 23)
Likewise, we successfully deployed the %APPDATA% execution restrictions via
GPO. Exceptions have to be made or the policy disabled before apps/updates
are installed, but we are satisfied with the results.

Dale Cook, CISSP | Senior IT Manager

Division of Finance and Administration IT Services | Texas A&M University

1182 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-1182

ph: 979.845.8276 | fax: 979.458.4390 | <mailto:dale.cook () tamu edu>...

Re: Ransomware Chris Green (Oct 23)
I was curious to if anyone has taken the approach of enforcing Click to Play through group policy on all web browsers,
and if so, has that seemed to help at all?




Chris Green
Director of Information Security
University of Texas at Tyler
cgreen () uttyler edu<mailto:swilsan () cii utexas edu>

From: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent...

Re: Ransomware David Hale (Oct 23)
We have had mixed results recently with the %APPDATA% block for EXE's. I'm
looking in to a handful of occurrences on machines we have verified had the
GPO in place. We haven't seen any major downsides to the block. It does
affect dropbox and firefox updates, but those can either be added as an
exception or installed in a different way.

All in all the %APPDATA% (and other edits) have been very effective though,

Banner Data Guard / VMWare / Zerto (Zert0) / Veeam Thomas S Wolfe (Oct 23)

As I work together with our CIO, Nathan Nolen, to improve the quality of
the information services our department provides to the campus, we are
looking to implement a highly available disaster recovery solution for our
Ellucian Banner student information system.

While we review traditional SAN-over-WAN disaster recovery scenarios that
leverage VMWare for dependent non-database system replication and Banner
Data Guard for replication of...

Re: Ransomware Ashfield, Matt (NBCC) (Oct 23)
Revisiting this thread from a year back....Has anyone seen any downside of the restriction of preventing EXE's from
running from %APPDATA% ?



From: The EDUCAUSE Security Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:SECURITY () LISTSERV EDUCAUSE EDU] On Behalf Of Kevin
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 4:34 AM
Subject: Re: [SECURITY] Ransomware

We had a few users recently get infected with...

REN-ISAC ALERT: Muzzling POODLE (While Cleaning Up Other Related Vulnerabilities, Too) Doug Pearson (Oct 23)
Muzzling POODLE (While Cleaning Up Other Related Vulnerabilities, Too)
October 22, 2014

To: IT Executives and Security Staff

The full Alert is attached, and located at:


There have been many recent security advisories involving SSL/TLS
encryption-related vulnerabilities, including most notably BEAST, the
highly publicized Heartbleed bug, the BERserk vulnerability, and most

Senior security analyst/security engineer job descriptions. David D Grisham (Oct 22)
Would anybody please share a job description of your highest level security staff member? We have a network security
engineer. But that position choose one a lot of specific network skills and tool use that wouldn't really apply to an
ITSecurity senior analyst/security engineer for everything not network. Including implementing sophisticated security
tools, risk and policy based security experience, HIPAA
I know that the above is a...

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