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Re: Network access control
From: Russell Fulton <r.fulton () AUCKLAND AC NZ>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:49:11 +1300

jkaftan wrote:

What are you doing with PTP restrictions?  Are you just denying them if they
have PTP software installed.?

We deny them if we see them using p2p software (as seen from the net).
The legal situation is a bit different here -- our current copyright
legislation has no concept of fair use  -- it  illegal to even rip a CD
for your own use.  New legislation before parliament  will allow format
shifting for  personal use.

Anyway  four universities in Australia got sued by the local equivalent
of the RIAA for supposedly facilitating the commission  of copy right
fraud.  The case dragged on and cost millions of dollars because the
universities in question could not show convincingly that they had a
policy on copyright *and* were *actively* enforcing it.   Our policy is
that no one may use university facilities to breach copyright -- we
publicise this widely and we warn anyone we find using p2p software.
On campus if you are using p2p software for legitimate reason (e.g.
downloading ISO using BT) you tell us and that it (we also had a group
doing study on copyright infringement in the software industry and they
were using limewire to see what software they could actually find, this
we also deemed OK although it probably broke the letter of the law.

For the residences the Student Admin folk simply decided to ban the use
of p2p file sharing software.  Skype is fine BTW.


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