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Re: logging windows text-based files to central logging server
From: Michael Bayne <baynema () JMU EDU>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:15:27 -0400

We'll definitely consider non-free options.  Thanks for pointing out
that feature of syslog-ng Premium Edition.

Havens, Ben wrote:
You don't say whether you are considering non-free options.  The syslog-ng Premium Edition offers a Windows agent that 
interprets text logs as well as event logs.

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From: Michael Bayne [mailto:baynema () JMU EDU]
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 3:44 PM
Subject: Re: [SECURITY] logging windows text-based files to central logging server

Thanks to the people who've responded. So far, I've heard of three tools:

1. Kiwi Secure Tunnel: unless I'm misunderstanding the product, it only provides an encrypted tunneling for messages it's 
received from the network to another syslog server.  Handy, but not what I'm needing (If I am misunderstanding what it does, let me 
know and I'll dig into it more).

2. Snare from Intersect Alliance: we use this currently on our Windows servers and it does a good job.  It's limited, however, to 
only sending Windows Event logs to a syslog server.  We're looking for something that'll handle all the other logs on our 
Windows boxes.

3. Epilog from Intersect Alliance: this is Intersect Alliance's solution for those other logs on Windows boxes.  We 
evaluated this for several weeks and found problems with it.  Our Windows application servers are configured to rotate their 
log files when they reach a certain size.
Epilog prevented this rotation, resulting in the application group yelling at me when the log file filled up a hard 

Any body else have any solutions they'd care to share?  I'm trying desperately to avoid trying to write my own since my 
C is terribly rusty.


Michael Bayne wrote:
We have a number of windows applications logging to text-based log
files (IIS, apache, app servers, etc).  We'd like to get these logs
off of the windows servers and onto our central syslog server and
CS-MARS device in a (near) real-time manner. So far, I haven't been
able to find a tool to do this reliably.  Intersect Alliance's Epilog
Agent for Windows is the best I've seen so far, but I've found it prevents log rotation.

So, I'm curious as to what you are doing.  Are you logging these
text-based logs to a central location (syslog or otherwise)?  What
tools are you using to do so?



Mike Bayne
Security Engineer
baynema () jmu edu

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