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Re: music download discounts
From: "Julian Y. Koh" <kohster () NORTHWESTERN EDU>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 10:54:34 -0500

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There have been a few studies done about how successful the services like
Ruckus and the new Napster have been.

Not sure if this link will still work, but it should hopefully to go a WSJ
article from last summer.  Not sure if there's any newer information.


Basically, aside from the issues that Roger mentioned, the biggest barrier
(again, at least at the time) to adoption by the students is the subscription
model that required them to start paying fees after they graduated.

Plus, the #1 digital music player that the students have is the iPod, and the
files from all of these subscription services won't work natively on the iPod
- - you have to burn them to an audio CD, which costs money usually, and then
re-import to a format the iPod understands (MP3, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless,

On the topic of reducing DMCA complaints:

There is also little consensus among administrators about how successful the
services have been in eliminating piracy. Although some say complaints from
the recording industry have dropped sharply, no one can tell if that's
because fewer students are engaging in illegal file-sharing or if the
industry simply doesn't want to go after schools that are spending money to
combat the problem. "The RIAA's push to buy into these services strikes me
as protection money. Buy in and we'll protect you from our lawsuits," says
Kenneth C. Green, the Campus Computing Project's director.

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