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Re: Dragonfly
From: Dan Oachs <doachs () GAC EDU>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:45:47 -0500

Like many others, our Athletics department uses it to share game films.
This past weekend I noticed that the computer they run it on was using
about 60Mbit/s for a few hours and got up to about 80Mbit/s for a little
while.  For us it has not been an issue at all since they are mostly
sharing with other local colleges who are on our I2 connection which is
not anywhere close to being maxed out.  Also, we don't do any packet
shaping on out I2 connection.  So basically what I am saying is that our
Athletics department uses it and it is a great use of our otherwise
lightly loaded I2 connection.  It looks like they can now share videos
in a matter of hours to many other sites all at once compared to the
slow and very manual way of doing it in the past.

Back when the Athletics dept was looking into it, we had a conference
call with Dragonfly and they asked us all about our internet connections
, told us things like how their software was P2P, used port 6011 and
port 80, etc. and were very willing to work with us if we had any issues
or concerns about the software.

      Dan Oachs
      Gustavus Adolphus College

Di Fabio, Andrea wrote:
Are there institutions using Dragonfly from http://www.dragonfly.com ?
If so, I would be interested in hearing if you are shaping this
application's bandwidth or have taken any other measures to throttle it down
and control the IP addresses it talks to.

One of our department has purchased the software and it seems to be very
bandwidth thirsty.  In addition the P2P model they are using seems not to
handle RFC1918 IP addresses so our internal sensors are triggering when
Dragonfly tries to connect to a peer over a private IP.

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