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Re: is there a date order archive of this list?
From: Rodney Petersen <rpetersen () EDUCAUSE EDU>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 15:50:30 -0600

If you place your cursor over the word "date" in the third column and
click it will sort the monthly archive by date.  The default setting
sorts by "subject" which makes it easy to read a particular thread and
ignore others.  There is also an option to received a "digest" of the
list by selecting "Join or Leave SECURITY" and following the
instructions.  Below is more information about those options:

Help for Subscription Type

With a "regular" subscription, you receive individual postings
immediately as they are processed by LISTSERV.

Digest (Traditional), Digest (MIME format), Digest (HTML format)
With a "digest" subscription, you receive larger messages (called
"digests") at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week.
These "digests" are collections of individual list postings. Some lists
are so active that they produce several digests per day.

Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted
and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a multitude of
individual postings.

There are three digest formats: a "traditional", text-only format; a
MIME format, which (with mail clients that understand MIME digests)
"bursts" the individual messages out of the digest so that you can read
them separately; and an HTML format, which requires an HTML mail

Index (Traditional), Index (HTML format)
With an "index" subscription, you receive short "index" messages at
regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These
"indexes" show you what is being discussed on the list, without
including the text of the individual postings. For each posting, the
date, the author's name and address, the subject of the message, and the
number of lines is listed. You can then download messages of interest
from the server (the index contains instructions on how to do that).

An index subscription is ideal if you have a slow connection and only
read a few hand-picked messages. The indexes are very short and you do
not have to worry about long download times. The drawback of course is
that you need to reconnect to retrieve messages of interest from the

You can choose to have the index sent to you in either a traditional
format (plain text) or in HTML format with hyperlinks.


Rodney J. Petersen, J.D.
Government Relations Officer & Security Task Force Coordinator

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EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Security Task Force

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Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 2:21 PM
Subject: [SECURITY] is there a date order archive of this list?

I am so sorry to burden people with another question. This will be the

Does anyone know how to put or find the archives in date order?

or is there somewhere else it is archived where there is another order
besides subject,date available?

I really don't need to be directly subscribed to this list and if I
could find the archives in date order then I'd unsubscribe and people
could send me-toos about policy in a blizzard of abundance without me
caring at all. I would add that I could see splitting the list into
something like security_policy and security_technical or something like
that. Personally, I'm interested in technical issues (eg latest threat,
latest defenses, gee whiz what those miscreants have done :-) but I
personally have no role whatsoever in setting policy, whereas I'm sure
that many people on this list are in the opposite boat, and some are in

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