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Re: Public Use VLAN (x-posted to netman listserv)
From: H Morrow Long <morrow.long () YALE EDU>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 14:23:44 -0400

Best Practices:

* Disallow all other protocols than HTTP and HTTPS on the standard ports.
* Allow VPN.
* NAT to a public IP outside your public IP address space.
* Require a capture page with a 'Accept our policy' button (along with your
legal notice).  But don't rely on any info (this is why we don't ask for the
guest's email).
* Restrict the bandwidth (or you will end up having your internal students,
staff and faculty using guest wireless rather than your secure wireless.
* Make certain that guest wifi traffic has to pass through your external
firewall rather than being handled by just a router.
* Log the WiFi physical addresses using your guest wifi (e.g. Log at the
DHCP server and/or NAT) to track if internal users are using the guest
network rather than secure wifi???

From:  Allen Wood <awood () HILLCOLLEGE EDU>
Date:  Tuesday, October 2, 2012 9:56 PM
Subject:  [SECURITY] Public Use VLAN (x-posted to netman listserv)

As much as I hate it, I¹ve been told to setup an open wireless network for
our campus.  I created a vlan with access lists that deny  all traffic to
inside our network, and created the open SSID to put on it.  Traffic can
flow freely now from the open wireless to the internet.
However, I¹m using a public DNS for the clients and they¹re unable to reach
our locally hosted (NAT¹d) web servers.  We¹re currently using a Cisco ASA
at the edge of our network which does all of our NAT¹ing.  I could open up
the VLAN access list a bit and allow them access to our internal DNS & web
servers, but I¹d rather not.
Has anyone run into this issue before?  What¹s the ³best practices² at this
pointŠ other than removing the public network in the first place!
Thanks in advance,

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