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Are you getting lots of phishing spam with links to hosts at webs[.]com?
From: Bob Bayn <bob.bayn () USU EDU>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 15:44:14 +0000

I get phish messages reported by my users.  There are generally several different ones a day that have links to a 
password collection web form at a host at webs[.]com.   I submit a complaint about the URL to the webs[.]com report 
page and they generally remove the page within a day.  But phishers probably get most of their passwords within the 
first day anyhow.

Six months ago, we were being phished with google spreadsheet form pages, but since the Oxford fiasco, Google has 
placed "do not enter your password on Google Forms" right above the submit button.  We hardly see Google forms linked 
in phish messages anymore.

Like Google, the Webs service is used for many non-hazardous purposes, too.  A brief attempt here to blacklist all of 
webs[.]com resulted in some complaints from people who actually use that service to host their personal/professional 
home page.  And I've seen other benign links to webs[.]com in newsletters and list messages.  Back on the bad side, I 
see lots of webs[.]com links in spammy posts to webpage comment boxes.

Is anyone else interested in applying some group pressure to webs[.]com to make them more responsive and proactive 
about phishing abuses of their service?  Then the phishers would probably move to jimdo, coffeecup, atwebpages, 
mooform, survsoft or formbuddy.   BTW, ajayr () formbuddy[ ]com is VERY responsive when a phish collection page is 
reported there.  He never sleeps.  ;-)

By the way, do you all have an abuse () yourhost edu address?  I try to report to the host site about the compromised 
accounts that are used to send us phish messages.

Bob Bayn    SER 301    (435)797-2396       IT Security Team
Office of Information Technology,     Utah State University
     three common hazardous email scams to watch out for:
     1) unfamiliar transaction report from familiar business
     2) attachment with no explanation in message body
     3) "phishing" for your email password

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