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Re: Postini -> Google transition experiences?
From: Mike Porter <mike () UDEL EDU>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 15:06:37 -0400

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014, Mally Mclane wrote:


This really fills me with sadness. We're yet to get a date for migration,
but I was really hopeful that it would be painless.

Whitelisting by IP is a mess.  We have an open problem report on
this, and it has been open for about 6 months.  They once told us it
was fixed, but it is not.

Also, "X-Gm-Spam: 1" can happen for messages from whitelisted IP
addresses.  We attempted to use content filters based on SourceIP
and add a custom header, but that does not always work, either.
However, I have not investigated this second case in depth.

Overall, with the exception of overally aggressive spam markup, we
have not had too many problems migrating from an onsite appliance to
GoogleApps.  We use routing by group membership to send email to
non-Google systems and that works well.  There are a few tricks,
though.  Anyone interested, please ask away.


Mike Porter
Systems Programmer V
University of Delaware

On 16 Jul 2014 19:18, "Tim Doty" <tdoty () mst edu> wrote:

our experience was that

1) a lot more spam was delivered to the inbox

2) a lot more email was incorrectly labeled as spam and not delivered

This has slowly improved on a per-mailbox basis with constant training via
"not spam" and "spam" marking via a daily quarantine email. I was in a
position to whitelist some security mailing lists, but thanks to google's
taking white listing as more of a suggestion than a fact that was only
partially successful.

And depending on how a list is configured it may not be possible to white
list it. I don't remember the details, but for example, the SANS lists
could not be white listed and google required white listing each sender
(and, as noted above, takes that more as a suggestion to deliver).

Tim Doty

On 07/16/2014 11:03 AM, Thomas Carter wrote:

We are a Postini customer for spam filtering and have received our
notice that it?s time to transition to Google?s services. Has anyone
completed this transition yet? How did it go? Any gotchas or other words
of experience to pass along?

Thomas Carter

Network and Operations Manager

Austin College



Mike Porter
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