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Re: user based IP address assginment
From: Jeffery.Gieser () minnesotamutual com
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 08:31:34 -0600


#is there any Tool or any way to assgin an IP address depending on the
#The only thing i found on my research is META IP (by CheckPoint).
#But as far is i understand the concept of META IP, a firewall, or a
#use the UAM service to auth. a user, so only the other checkpoint products

#will work?
#And, a user gets a "random" ip out of his subnet ip pool.
#What i want to do is to "hard-wire" an IP to an User! (_not_ to a
#The platform can be WinNT 4/5 or Netware 4/5.

     I am pretty sure there is no way to do this in Windows.  The issue
here is how DHCP/BOOTP/RARP work.  In all instances at bootup time a
machine sends out it's MAC address and receives an IP address.  The issue
here is that you log in after your machine has an IP address.  Since you
need to reboot every time you change your IP address in Windows 95/98/NT,
you really cannot assign an IP address based on username.  You could place
a DHCP server on every local network and write a new protocol that sends a
username and password with every DHCP request=) Short of that I do not see
what else you can do.  With UNIX you could perhaps use DHCP to grab an
initial IP address and then write a script that queries a server for
another IP address, adds the new IP address to the NIC, and deletes the old
IP address.  I do not know how Netware works but if they do not require a
reboot then you could do something similar to my UNIX idea.  I suspect that
anything that could accomplish what you wish would be extremely difficult.

Jeffery Gieser

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