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Re: Firewall on the same subnet
From: Danny Rathjens <dkr () hq mycity com>
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:09:03 -0500

Yes, for scenario one you can assign an ip to the outer NIC
and another in the same subnet to the inner NIC and tell your
internal network boxen to use the inner NIC IP address as their
gateway.  I've been doing this for a while.  You just have to
make sure your routing table on the firewall box gets setup
correctly.  For example let's say outer NIC is eth0
and inner is eth1:
ext-ip         eth0  (the ip you gave to external interface of fw)
ext-gw         eth0  (gateway box at ISP)
int-network    eth1  (your assigned class C goes to internal net)
default ext-gw eth0  (default route is to ISP)

note: if you just turn up eth0 and eth1 with IPs in int-network
then you will have two entries in the routing table for int-network.
So you may have to simply delete the extraneous route to eth0 after
you turn up the interfaces.

Ivo Janssen wrote:

I have a question about building a firewall that has both interfaces
in 1 subnet.

I've read a thread on the debian-firewall list (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-firewall-0010/msg00028.html ), but I
think my situation is a little different.

In my case, an incoming ADSL line delivers a UTP cable that outputs
traffic for our whole assigned C class subnet (let's say 1.1.1.x)
Normally, I would just plug that into a switch and connect the 256
machines to it. But I want to put a firewall in between.

So my situation will be: (scenario 1)

  ADSL-ISP ----- DSLAM-port -----  firewall ---- internal network

       <- external networks ->|<- 1.1.1.x network ->

How do I route this in a good way, without resorting to going a level
beneath IP, and getting into stuff like MAC, bridge, ARP.

People keep telling me this is possible, and they give me the
following situation: (scenario 2)

  DIALUP-ISP  --- ISDN line --- Ascend router --- internal network

      <- external networks ->|<- 1.1.1.x network ->

This is a situation we actually have at this point, where the Ascend
router actually acts as a router, with IP adres, and the rest
of the network sets as default gateway.
Can I, in scenario 1, just set the outer NIC to, say and the
inner NIC to and put as default gateway on my
internal net? Or should I just assign 1 IP to the whole fw-box?
I keep on reading scenario 1 is so different from scenario 2 that
scenario 2 can use "normal" routing, but scenario 1 needs hacks like
Proxy ARP.

The one thing I do not want is resort to route IP packets on MAC
level with Proxy ARP, it just comes to me as a hack.

Please, could someone tell me what the exact difference between
scenarios 1 and 2 is, and what I should use if I want to make our
internal network a fully routed part of the internet.



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