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Re: Traffic Mapping/Throughput Tools
From: "Alex Goldney" <agoldney () qantas com au>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 13:00:05 +1000

            I don't know of any particular site, but there's a few tools I
know of that might give you what you want.  Have a look at them and pick
the one that suits you best.
I don't have the links handy, but you'll find them all if you look on

tcpstat - really nifty vmstat type output.  If you want graphs, you'll need
to gnuplot it yourself.  I like this one, cause it allows for post analysis
(of small dumps) and is very flexible.  gnuplot scripts aren't too
difficult, and then you aren't limited by what someone else thought you
might want.

ksniffer - haven't used it, but it looks nice sorta a graphical IPTraf.

IPtraf - pretty comprehensive, text based, no graphs.

etherape - a fairly good realtime overview (graphical).  There's also
etherman, but that appears to be unmaintained now.

epan - it didn't work too well for me as a package, and I didn't have time
to muck about with it.


From: bparis () sorrentolactalis com@nfr.com on 06/11/2000 07:49 EST

Sent by:  firewall-wizards-admin () nfr com

To:   firewall-wizards () nfr com
Subject:  [fw-wiz] Traffic Mapping/Throughput Tools

Folks, Awhile back I wandered across a website that seemed to be a freeware
project for traffic mapping & throughput. The output was HTML charts and
graphs and would show you KB/s through routers, firewalls, etc...

Now that we've installed videoconferencing at one of our remote sites and
are experiencing _congestion_ I find myself in need of this tool (and silly
me didn't bookmark the site) and was wondering if anyone on the list knows
of this site and can kindly point me in the right direction.

Bill Paris
Telecommunication/Network Analyst
Sorrento Lactalis Inc.
716-823-6262 x376
bparis () sorrentolactalis com

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