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Borderware - will it handle a 10mb pipe worth of traffic?
From: Mick Munroe <mick () HALEX com>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:23:24 -0500

I'm looking for a solution to replace my current firewall, and have been
looking at many options - a lot of which cannot handle my requirements, now
I'm looking at Borderware, and was wondering if anyone can give me more
information on the pros/cons of Borderware.

What I need to accomplish:

1: Be able to assign 254 addresses to the external nic.
2: Be able to transfer external traffic from a specific external IP to a
specific internal ip BASED on port value.
Keep in mind that for a given external IP it could be forwarded to more than
one and in some cases as many as 6 different internal servers based on the
port value. (for example I have an HTTP server, SMTP server, FTP server,
Custom application server - all use a specific different port from each
other, and all use the same external ip address.)  ...I hope this makes
3: Be able to transfer external traffic to a network that is different (but
downstream) from the internal nic's network (for example, my internal
network is 192.168.1.xxx and I've got a remote office that directly connects
via ISDN to this internal network and it's network is 192.168.2.xxx, I need
to be able to transfer external traffic bound to a specific external address
to a specific internal address on the 192.168.2.xxx network, and again this
will be based on port value.)
4: VPN... I would like a solution that will bundle in VPN services but if I
have to then I'll look at another product that will do only VPN services.
Borderware has VPN capabilities but again I don't know how much traffic it
will be able to handle, my current VPN requirements are approximately 50-100
concurrent client to server VPN sessions.
5: Be able to handle 10mb worth of traffic going through the firewall.
6: My current solution is Linux based and I have well over 400 rules -
whatever I use to replace Linux has to be able to handle this number of
rules - actually it will have to be able to handle double this number as I'm
only half-way through my class C so far.. 

..Can't think of anything else.  So Will Borderware be able to handle this?
(ver 6.1.2) Or will it choke? Will it run slow?  (assuming of course I've
got a nice fast processor and lots of RAM.) 


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