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RE: RE: In defense of non standard ports
From: "R. DuFresne" <dufresne () sysinfo com>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 21:43:59 -0500 (EST)

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On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Bill Royds wrote:

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From: firewall-wizards-admin () honor icsalabs com On Behalf Of Paul D. Robertson

On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, R. DuFresne wrote:

Now to the end of the statement, do they have pull with mgt?  Well, they
are pulling in a far different direction the more they tend to ruffle
whole departments by crying wolf <sorry, no that trojan port your nessus
scan spotted means less this month then it did last month you spewed it
up the mgt hill on our RACF mainframe, or sorry no your nessus skills are
not truly honed if you think pcanywhere is running on that solaris box>.

But it's a long climb from "Hey, you're a computer person, here's a
security hat" to "Hey, let's hire some security people."

Sometimes it is, sometimes it's just a joke. The security folks have to have some real basis of knowledge beyond a cert, they need to know the OS<s> they are dealing with, and how those/that OS<s> do their "talking to the world", and how to silence it when it should be. Lacking that, you gain nothing in hiring a security hat that can't put the hat on let alone do the job.

That's a big
jump forward- NOW we need to direct that energy more productively.  That's
why I think we need to go back and start rattling firewall ruleset cages
instead of looking at shiny IDS reports, we've now got to get some
common, solid, understood security baseline industry-wide, otherwise we
all get painted with the "ineffective" brush.

I have just started to teach a course in computer/information security to people
studying for a community college diploma in (physical) security management. They
are not computer types but are much more aware of the principles of security
than most computer people. Perhaps these are the people to help get computer
security out of the bench jockey mode and into the "this a priority in how we
run this organization" mode.
  Interestingly with respect to non standard ports. Yesterday I explained that
computer ports are somewhat like doors and loading bays in a building. One of
the principles of physical security is that you should never allow a door to be
unlocked without authorization (either a guard or an authorized person with the
key). They were aghast when I explained that some systems let people arbitrarily
add new ports to their servers without a security review for the necessity. It
would be a firing offence to have someone decide that they could leave a loading
dock open all week just so that someone could deliver something next Saturday.

Even if a security hat was hired with lacking skill, provided they were encouraged to test, try and learn, let alone sent to courses and/or conferences to trade and gain skills, that would be a plus, in gov positions often the funds are lacking or mgt has no real clue but hire "security hats" to cover butt, which gets a tad reddened when the chit-hit-the-fan and they discover their errred ways in not knowing what was required in the job in the first place when hiring. Now there were certainlyt fer skilled folks from inside that applied, but fo reasons unknown to others, cept perhaps not wanting to pay for the knowledge, they were passed by, and instead we have folks not even up to the par of beginning admins tasked now with all I can describe as "pissing off folks".


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