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Re: firewall-wizards Digest, Vol 64, Issue 5
From: John Michealson <micheajp () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 17:36:39 -0500

Well, the op was in reference to tools.... hence my post. I respect your opinion (and agree to an extent) but the state 
of things is very much like capitalism - a grand ideal but inevitably doomed once human nature (greed) is added. The 
only true fix is based upon the humans using the systems (all of them) understanding they cannot simply click on 
anything they would like to. This isn't feasible. Education is a start but not the be all. Alternatively, blocking all 
non-vital corporate communication is also not feasible.

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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 11:46:09 -0700
From: "Stephen P. Berry" <spb () meshuggeneh net>
Subject: Re: [fw-wiz] firewall-wizards Digest, Vol 64, Issue 3
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John Michealson writes:

Check Point's gateway based AV went cloud based last fall. It has over 6M
signatures. They also have AntiBot, which has hundreds of millions of IP
and hosts classified. They are reclassifying 50k sites/hosts a day with
their ThreatCloud, and ThreatEmulation is in EA. Their Application Control
has 4900 apps defined locally and 300K in the cloud. Combined with
education these are very effective tools.

Perhaps I just have a bad attitude, but I'm imagining a ship with a
great jagged hole below the water line and a very high output bilge
pump that's almost but not quite keeping up with the flooding.  The ship
doesn't sink -immediately-, and hey that is a pretty impressive pump.  But
I'm not sure that I'd say that the pump is a very effective tool, because
the task I'm actually concerned with isn't---or, I would argue shouldn't
be---pumping water out, which the pump does quite well, but rather with
keeping the ship seaworthy by keeping the water from getting in in the
first place, and the pump doesn't do that at all.

I'm not trying to badmouth Checkpoint here.  I'm sure their product is
wonderful for what it is.  But I find it distressing how comfortable
we've become with living with network architectures that are perpetually
in a state of failure.  That are designed failed.  You speak in glowing words
of the monumental efforts expended by Checkpoint.  But while I can admire
all that hard work, when I see as system that -needs- this sort of heroic
effort -on an ongoing basis- just to continue functioning, I see a system
that is fundamentally broken.

- -spb

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