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From: full-disclosure () lists netsys com (Anonymous)
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 03:54:03 +0200 (CEST)

|=----------------[  #PHRACK HIGH COUNCIL PROPHILE

----| Intro

The current #phrack "high council" is a bunch of retard American
newbies looking to "break" their way into the security industry.
If you went to DEFCON, you saw how GOBBLES, jimjones, and friends
kissed the asses of various @Stake, SecurityFocus, and other
industry sellouts over breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before their two-hour comedy routine. I'm SO POOR! Please feed me! 
didn't really mean any of it -- I'm just YOUNG, DUMB and full
of CUM. You OLD SKOOL guys understand where I'm coming from,

Not only are these kids total hypocrites (unless jimjones and silvio
actually backdoored their employer Qualys themselves), but they are
pathetic social climbers who have wasted their entire youth (or are
desperately trying to hold onto it) on IRC looking for friends.
WOWOWOWOWOW you guyz r k-k3wl, can I be a scary black(hat)
gangsta-frontin' teenager too??? Are you scared of me yet? 

This is what happens when white kids grow up listening to Eminem.
What assclowns.

----| fuk/gayh1tler

David O'Neal <fuk () eurocompton net>
Brookline, PA
(412) 268-6104

Call him and let him know what you think of his "Project Mayhem",
the FBI already has! Call Netsec (www.netsec.net) and ask why they
tolerate this kind of juvenile/illegal behavior from their employees
(sl0ppy, h4g1s defacement warriorz, etc.). u know ur box iz p0pped, so don't step, bi0tchez

----| arakiz

Stephen Ryan Hughes <ryan () analog org>
Bowling Green, OH
(419) 353-5476, (419) 353-2065, (330) 336-3983

Call him and let him know what you think of his k-r4/> magazine
(~el8), which he publishes with his other el1t3 friends junz (aka
Philip Corely) and prym (aka Justin Foutts -- hasn't ISS fired your
sorry ass yet?)! Great job guyz!!!

----| mat

Matt Merhar
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 821-5603

Call or email his dad <Gary.L.Merhar () uc edu> and let him know what
you think of his son hanging out with these retards on IRC instead
of going to computer camp -- a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!

----| Other lesser scene-whores

There's a lot more to come on yu0/jimjones/zmagic (college kid in
Florida with a n1gg3r complex), drater/ron1n (the ISS reject), and
their band of merry pals (aka GOBBLES -- look at me, I'm one of
those brilliant teenage prodigies! I AM! LOOK AT ME! CAN I HAVE A
JOB?), so stay tuned to this stupid mailing list!  Great job Len,
this list is SO useful to me as A WHITE KNIGHT INFOSEC GUARDIAN!!!

----| EOF

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