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Re: Trustworthy Computing Mini-Poll
From: yossarian <yossarian () planet nl>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 02:47:59 +0100

To answer your question, I would personally be quite happy for the
technology to
be developed, as long as it wasn't forced on me by law.

Would you buy/use it if you had the choice? I mean, there are a lot of
advantages... :-)

Now you've got me interested - what advantages is TCPA offering me? What
features will my new computer have, that will convince me to lose certain
options I have right now - playing music, copying what I like, etc?. It
should so very good it will convince me to actually trow away my old
computers that can do all this evil things. I could still use them and just
buy a new one for all the new goodies, hwatever they might be?

TCPA is not going to stop spam - why should it since it is not illegal, it
is not going to stop viruses (anyone thought of copying the validating parts
from genuine software into a virus - well someone will do this), it is only
going to force me to pay for things i am not necessarily paying for now. So
where are the advantages?

I personally think that TCPA is going to put the PC industry further down
the dump, since it will stop people from buying new machines. And why buy a
new OS? The only reason I've had over the years to update was hardware
support - do you think that peripheral makers are going to stop supporting
non-TCPA operating systems? They might, but it will mean they'll also loose
customers. Of course an idea would be to force ISP's to shut people not
using TCPA-systems off the net. But like I said, then they'll just keep on
usings the older systems besides the new ones.

I think that TCPA will either destroy a big part of the IT industry, OR
producers will simply build separate production lines for the US and for the
rest of the world, raising the prices for everyone.

Maybe some people have missed it, but the rift between the US and the world
is widening fast. Europeans and Asians might shoo away from US products.
Since they will only take functionality, and not give goodies with TCPA.
Under many european laws, TCPA is actually illegal, especially in the
financial sector, many banks don't have an internet connection for all their
machines. Why? Cause the risks outweigh the profits. I personally do not
trust US companies to spy on the computers in my company. Why, are they not
trustworthy? Maybe, but they are the competition on a shrinking marketplace.
I don't think the RIAA or the licensing problems of software companies are
worth an economic crisis.
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