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[PHC] anti-dmca.org news [PHC]
From: phc () hushmail com
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:38:10 -0800


You hit the nail on the head, Blue Boar. We retract every bad thing
we've ever said about you...


Blue Boar.
December 31, 2002.

Vendors including Microsoft, Sun, SGI, and HP -- long regarded as sinister
monopolies bent on domination of the free market economy -- are now pointing
their fingers at the commercial security industry.

"They say we're evil and mean and nasty, which is why we haven't been able to
actively use the weight of the DMCA against them in legal proceedings. We'd
love to be able to preclude the security industry from capitalizing on fear and
insecurity to the detriment of our user base," said one vendor's spokesman on
conditions of anonymity.

The latest development turns the table on the commercial security industry,
long regarded as the savior of the Internet. Angry developers are unanimous in
their claims against the security industry, particularly the one that states
that the security industry cares only about money -- and not security, since a
state of Internet security would "put them out of business."

"The logic is there for any critical mind to see," said Brian McWilliams, a
freelance journalist for SecurityFocus and Wired. "They are clearly thriving on
insecurity and are doing everything in their power to sustain this state for
the sole purpose of profit. They like to sway public opinion against the
vendors, but now the public appears to be seeing the evil and criminal nature
of the security industry itself."

Other individuals claim the security industry is directly responsible for the
uprising of the past decade's online calamities with their doctrine of 'Full
Disclosure' -- the belief that everyone should be given tools to compromise
computer systems throughout the globe in order to force vendors to reevaluate
their products.

"This is blatant hypocrisy," said one Sun developer in a state of anger.
"Everyone knows it's impossible to have a totally secure piece of software
- -- even they do -- yet they continue this vicious cycle like some perpetual
check that is only self-serving for their corporate interests. Not only that,
but in reverse engineering our source tree, they are in violation of our
license. So far we have let this rest, but soon we will be taking legal steps
to thwart their parade of immoral activity. The public is beginning to see that
we the vendors, although we have profit as our main concern, are not as evil as
the security industry that is incorrectly regarded as the Good Guy."
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