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Symantec Buys SecurityFocus, among
From: full-disclosure () lists netsys com (full-disclosure () lists netsys com)
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 14:58:13 -0700

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Fat Checks Are Good Biz
They buy warm houses for March
Is yours made of glass?

OK, so now the idiots who don't have the necessary social skills to get
paying jobs start tossing rocks at those who work for a living.  

I have worked with you Steve (Manzuik) and you might want to consider the glass house analogy again. You are commonly 
percieved by co-workers to have the personality of a carrion bird and the social skills to match.

Yeah, fat
checks are a good biz you are damn right, and what is wrong with that?  If
you are good at something, go get a job doing that which you are good at.
How can you fault someone for that?  

I bet you must respect that quite a bit. Especially since you cannot hold a job in this industry for more than a year 
at a time. How employers now in the last 3 years? 5?

Weld Pond has contributed more to the
security industry in general than half the fucks on this list INCLUDING
ME!  It is no surprise that his skill are in demand, do you expect him to
flip burgers for a living?

You say 'INCLUDING ME' like you've actually contributed something. Aside from starting mailing lists your net 
contribution has been 0.

I consider both Jay and Chris to not only be true hackers but to also be >>friends.  So other than a
bit of common sense what is the hidden agenda?

You realize you are judged by the company you keep? Weld is a vacilating idiot who rode Mudge's coat tails to success 
and Jay has less luck with jobs than you do. Probably because he often forgets to take his meds.

I doubt securityfocus has much to worry about with idiots like you people rallying to the cause. 


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