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On sf sell out
From: full-disclosure () lists netsys com (Charles 'core' Stevenson)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 11:43:09 -0600


Hi I've always admired your work :) Especially the AIX shellcode.. 
anyways I just thought I would write you to inform you of a small time 
for exploit developers only mailing list. So far we have about 10 well 
reputed exploit developers on our list. And that's it! No security 
consultants, pen-testers, script kiddies... the URL is here. excuse the 
pop-up; I've found friendly hosting for the list but not the page yet :)


Please take a look at the charter. Anyways, we'd all love to benefit 
from your wide range of exploit development expertise!

best regards,

Georgi Guninski wrote:
Here are my 2 stotinki on Securityfocus's sell out.

I don't mind aleph1 & co. taking $75M. What I am concerned what price we
shall pay for it. ($75M is too much for collecting other people's 0days,

What scares me about Securityfocus is that since the beginning 2002
they started not posting some of my posts to bugtraq but seem to post
"politically correct" messages.

They went so far to not post a real vulnerability  [1](later indirectly 
confirmed by Microsoft in a bulletin, not fixed yet).
Then I decided - no 0days for securityfocus and started posting only
comments and opinions, mainly on the topic of full disclosure.
Most of them didn't get to the list, though the opposite of my opinions 

Hope they don't turn into mainstream media outlet and use the power of
moderation for labelling people and ideas as good and bad in their user

Note: I don't mean to whine for them moderating me down, it is their right
to do whatever they want with their mailing lists, but think this should be
publicly known.

[1] http://www.guninski.com/signedactivex.html (also check ver. 2.0)

Georgi Guninski

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