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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:36:26 -0000

Doug Monroe <monwel () interhack net> said:

"http-equiv () excite com" wrote:

Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Trivial silent delivery and installation of an executable on a 
computer. This  can be accomplished with the default installation 
the mail client Eudora  5.1.1:
'allow executables in HTML content' DISABLED
'use Microsoft viewer' ENABLED
Working Example:

Notes: disable 'use Microsoft viewer'

A Eudora expert I am not, but I suppose one could also change
"c:\windows\application data\qualcomm\eudora\embedded" 
"c:\program files\qualcomm\eudora pro\embedded" 
to some other, non-default folder name. 
New folder must exist before running eudora again.

And... add mhtml to "WarnExtentions#X" key values?

Doug, excellent point.

1. Yes, if you can relocate the embedded folder. Better.

2. No. adding warnings to extensions appears to be useless:

Just tested something here. Typically IE can or will open files 
depending what the contents are regardless of the extension that it 
is: <html> tag in a gif or some other file type should or can be 
rendered by IE for what the contents are, not the extension.

New Note 25.7.02: trying that with the above demo, creating & 
depositing only malware.exe and malware [no file exetension] yielded 
some very interesting results.

<META http-equiv=refresh 
content="1; &#13;&#10;url=file://C:\WINDOWS\Application 

Expecting IE to spring open with the non-extension'd mhtml file fully 
functional, we find that in fact it does not. We find that the 
malware.exe is immediately executed.

Removing the mhtml file from the embedded folder and leaving only 
malware.exe in there, the meta refresh pointing to 'malware' only [no 
extension at all] appears to execute the *.exe directly -- no need 
for the mhtml file at all.

Could be an anomaly with this machine, but simply send yourself the 
meta refresh pointing to malware minus extension, place an executable 
with the same name in the embedded folder and see if it executes.

No time right now to grind it into powder.


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