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Date: 12 Jul 2002 10:05:22 -0400

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You beat me to it man.

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 21:55, KF wrote:
Ok guys... can we take the bugtraq / vuln-dev / other mailing list=20
flaming crap elsewhere... I have been on this list for a day or so since=20
the initial advertisement and its already become extrememly annoying and=20
worthless.... I do not need my inbox flooded with ALERT ALERT ALERT for=20
some kind of worthless statements dissing on bugtraq.... I signed up for=20
this in hopes of having another useful source of info.
Instead I see my self unsubscribing from this list very soon and=20
probably never posting here if things don't change. Nearly 100% of the=20
mail from this list is talk... go find some holes people.... post some=20
exploits ... but for christs sakes take the BS offline or in private=20
Nomen Nescio wrote:
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Big Gay Al's Full Disclosure #001:

big gay al feels it important the following is disclosed fully

On the $cR!pT k!dDi3$ mailing list - big gay al's evil twin constantly a=
dvertise and endorse CORE-SDI product but does not tell that Security Focus=
 seniors are all investors in CORE-SDI.  Biased and misleading.  Daddy must=
 need new car.

Bugtraq moderator will not post your message if you are GOBBLES or not l=
iked.  Your post will be added to the for sale database.  There is no laten=
cy in Bugtraq all posts go out after the bug is entered in to the for sale =
database and all paying customers are informed.

CVE must die and Bugtraq ID must live.  All mailing lists not ran by sec=
urityfocus must die.  If other list exist then bugtraq worthless and not ma=
ke money.  If other list die then bugtraq be the only one and start chargin=
g.  make money off backs of smart people.  hire sheep.


death to anti.security.ls
death to project mayhem
Security Focus wants to be to security what Microsoft is to desktop
Does not ISS own this title


Full-Disclosure mailing list
Full-Disclosure () lists netsys com

Full-Disclosure mailing list
Full-Disclosure () lists netsys com
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