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From: full-disclosure () lists netsys com (Erik Fichtner)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:47:33 -0400

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=2E..from the archives, Weld Pond wrote:
Vulnwatch is another full disclosure mailing list.  It is an advisory only
list.  No discussions, just advisories. We have 3 moderators:  RFP, Steve
Manzuik, and me. Information is available at www.vulnwatch.org.

I dunno, weld.  Naming the list "full-disclosure" certainly beats the point
home with more force than "vulnwatch".  ;)   =20
(not that I'm knocking vulnwatch.)

Of course, there's also the Yet-Another-Mailing-List factor.    [1]

Then, there's also the added irony of the list archives only being
available to list members.  But it's a brand new list, so I'll not=20
make too much noise about that.

=2E..we could get into a debate about targeted email advertisements while=
we're waiting for things to get started.   That'd probably be off-topic,

[1] (although, that's not exactly a bad thing.. I, personally, get so much=
crap in my inbox that when serious issues do crop up, they're often
crossposted to all N mailing lists, which makes it stand out a little.
=2E..And some lists deliver faster than others...)

                        Erik Fichtner; Unix Ronin
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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