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RE: Security Industry Under Scrutiny: Part Two
From: "democow the happy cow" <democowx86 () hotmail com>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:01:46 +0000

From the desk of democow,

/* Basically what is actually done by Black-Hats and White-Hats
is the same thing: find holes and patch them (or is it not
among the first things after a server is owned that the
Known software holes of the server are patched?).

The only difference lies in the individual attitude,
And even that may very well differ from instance to instance.

I find this to be totally untrue, in some respects the methods that black\white hats go about to discover and find information about a cretin subject is quite the same.

But the intentions are entirely different. And the repercussion of actions of the part of each is entirely different.

But it is my opinion, that individuality cannot be governed
By ethics finally.

what is it that a person judges himself by if not his ethics, and the ethics of the people he\she chooses to be around… people hang around like minded people.. And in this community that is usually based on ethics

your choice of words here is quite odd, and reflects your misunderstand of the situation at hand…
No system can function responseably if there are no response-able

and what do you think the white hats are my friend


Worms or Script-Kiddies are just part of the background sounds
of the internet jungle, they serve their purpose. No need to
"fight" them, just protecting against them is sufficient.
Real threats come from bigger animals, come from bigger organizations.
No man should tell another man what to do, but I think we
would be all better off with an internet which is not too much
Regulated by law or tied up by big "systems".

we are in no way telling people what they should, should not do we, we are not trying to control anything other then information flowing to people that should not access to it , as well as making sure that anyone who plans to let said information flow into the general stream knows the repercussions an event like that would have.. Just because script kiddies are not that bight.. That dose not stop them from their actions and the money spent not only to stop them.. But of the financial loss of regular consumers.. Due to credit card fraud.. Down time.. etc, the info-sec industry can not function with out their presence and they and the white hats and responsible for their arrival.. We want to remove them… why do you want to keep them here?

As well do not forget what socks said, that they are in part responsible for the harsh laws being implemented

"why do you need any other cow"

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