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Re: Destroying PCs remotely?
From: Philip Stortz <madscientist () wyoming com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:43:43 -0600

a good site.  one thing they don't mention, and that doubtless many in the military want people to be unaware of is 
that of the engineers who simulated emp's to test hardening techniques etc. fully half have developed an exotic form of 
leukemia.  of course engineers should know better than to expose themselves to such energy sources, but obviously many 
were blissfully unaware of basic concepts in physics and chemistry, such as the importance of electric fields and the 
outcome of chemical reactions.  indeed, many chemical reactions depend on changing the electric field around a molecule 
before the reactants can approach closely enough to react in specific areas of the molecule.  these would be fine 
devices for wiping out those annoying video cameras except for the rather high risk of personal injury to any one 
nearby when set off.  of course in most countries, you'd also be violating a number of existing laws by just building 
the device or even trying to develop it.

re: the patriot act, more powerful governments feed terrorism and destroy freedom, just look at israel, one could 
hardly imagine a larger surrendering of civil liberties or a government more free to act than one that launches 
missiles at "criminals", and it's decidedly made things worse if anything.  the conservatives continue to give the 
terrorist exactly what they were after, a less free america.  those who support the patriot act are traitors of the 
worst kind, the ignorant kind who've failed to learn from history and run and hide under the bed from thunder, as if 
that would provide any protection from lightning which is the real threat while they fear a loud noise that is 
harmless.  it is the behavior of dogs not men to cower in fear.

Steve Wray wrote:
Old, but interesting stuff:

"[T]he bomb was stored in a briefcase and emitted short, high-energy pulses
reaching 10 gigawatts, which could destroy complex electronics
philip stortz -- To be nobody but yourself when the whole world is trying its best night and day to make you everybody 
else is to fight the hardest battle any human being will ever fight. -- ee cummings
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