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cryptome.org hacked by bighawk of hackweiser
From: dev-null () no-id com
Date: 1 Mar 2003 12:02:57 -0000

~~ th3 cryptome.org d3f4c3m3nt ~~
  th3 c0nsp1r4cy th30rist [PHC]

hi.  as you know already cryptome.org was defaced 2/26/03.  the
defacement stated:
   hacked by bighawk of hackweiser (bighawk () kryptology org)

later this same bighawk sent email to the cryptome maintaner, denying
any involvement in the hack.  his initial (published) mail can be read
in it our hero (bighawk) states:

        "Since a few months, a few individuals have been constantly
         trying to bring me into discredit.  I believe this was their
         next step.  Until now these attempts were relatively innocent
         and could be easily ignored.  criminal actions as these i did
         not expect."

ok since most of the people reading this don't understand wtf bighawk
is talking about, let me elaborate.  for some time people have been
somewhat tolerant of this blowhard's egotistical ranting and criticism
of others (who are often much more technically skilled and much better
looking than the very unattractive Jogchem), until at some point people
got sick of him and told him he needed to shut up.  since this time, 
almost every statement made by bighawk on ircsnet has initiated brutal
verbal (well, at least typed) ownage of bighawk.

bighawk feels he has a lot to prove to the world.  why is this, you ask?

first let us examine the following urls to defacements of bighawk:


these urls, along with others, are often pasted during conversations with
the intentions of infuriating bighawk, because he is so ashamed of his
previous actions as a scriptkid (or, as he would phrase it now, in his 
elegant speech -- a malevolent cracker) and would like to be acknowledged
as no longer being lame, but as a full-fledged hacker.  in his second 
published email on cryptome.org, derogatory labels are assigned to those
"members" of the Phrack High Council that he listed; cracker is often 
used to described "less skilled" individuals -- he would like to be known
as being better than those members of PHC.

because of bighawk's past affiliations with cracking groups (World of Hell,
HackWeiser, and recently Fluffy Bunny) he wishes to seperate his current
actions from his previous, and to show off that he is no longer a "kid".

bighawk likes to show off that he finally learned how to program.  examples
of his emerging programming abilites can be seen on the packetstorm site,
i've gone ahead and listed a few links to some various stellar pieces of 
code (and various errata) that he has written.

        - brilliant advisory / exploit for a lame cgi

        - bighawk is learning perl, a scriptkiddie tool for generating
          ip lists, to be used by scriptkiddies for scriptkiddie purposes

        - an updated, more robust version of the previous
        - lame perl tool for local stress testing / automated exploitation
          (known to have never once worked, but bighawk is learning how 
           some of those exploits gov-boi gives him work)

i would have liked to have shown you some examples of his "look i read a 
phrack article on writing shellcode and wrote my own based off the examples"
shellcodes, but because of continual ridicule he has removed the links on 
his website to them, and i really can't be bothered with searching for them.

since he's now capable of writing shellcode after reading tutorials, and 
writing these nifty perl scripts he believes he is a hacker.  recently our
friend, the big hawk, has received some fame from his software "aesop" that
was featured in some article by some guy from cisco or something.  bighawk
evolved into bigego, because his tool (designed for "bouncing" between 
those .kr mailservers he owned but didn't install apache on for defacing),
to hide his online presence while hacking.

ok so anyhow we need to get back to our conspiracy theories about the
defacement and the big hawk.  it was important to first establish some
history of this criminal.  bighawk isn't exactly well liked.  he does
have a big ego, thinking that certain people occasionally "picking on him"
is a massive conspiracy agains him.

anyhow, moving on . . .

th30ry #1:
bighawk is tired of being mocked for his past defacements and decides to
deface cryptome.org in a way that he can easily disassociate from (it has
my name on it, do you think i'd be that stupid?) and then can "frame" 
those who mock him so frequently for "framing him".  a little farfetched?

th30ry #2:
crytome.org was defaced by a PHC supporter, aware of the level of hatred 
for this large fowl from some PHC members, and thought it would be a good
way to win some kudos from the PHC by causing certain levels of grief to 
the big hawk.

th30ry #3:
bighawk defaced it then got cold feet, and decided to blame it on someone

th30ry #4:
some random person did it to be funny and joined #phrack because that
seemed like something fun to do.

th30ry #5:
the author of this document is responsible for everything.

this is a stupid game of dick wagging and finger pointing.  and ultimately
it isn't that important.  interesting though. . .

th30ry #6:
bighawk feels the need to promote himself and his software (aesop) and then
draw negative attention to those who crush his big ego, have an excuse to
publish his real name in relation to his nickname to draw recognition to 
himself (look at me mommy, i'm sticking up for myself against the big boys).
"i'm a former hacker turned whitehat" blah blah blah.

ok this isn't interesting enough to write anymore, so i'll leave this to 
you to draw your own conclusions from.

personally i think bighawk sucks prepubescent penis and should be shot in
his sleep.

signed in the blood of whitehats,
- m3l g1bs0n

p.s: bighawk is quite possibly the dumbest nick ever.

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