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Re: I'm calling for LycosEU heads and team to resign or be sacked
From: Bob Smith <tatercrispies () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 22:17:33 -0500

You really think generating *terabytes* of junk traffic is a good way
to solve problems?

As n3td3v said, legitimizing this sort of attack would be a justification
of DDoSes of all sorts. Someone has a web site you don't like? DDoS it!
Idiot on IRC? DDoS him! Who cares if it slows down traffic all over the
net - this is vigilante justice, man! 

Yes, I do think this is a good way to solve _this_ problem. If you
would read what I posted, we have exhausted rational means of dealing
with spammers. We have tried talking with them, we have tried
legistlating them, we have tried taking them to courts. We are now at
the stage where we are physically fighting.  Some groups (SPEWS,
NANAE?) have been at this level for some time now. This tool gives the
common user the means to join their struggle.

Why don't you go physically assault a spammer.  Do you physically assault
door-to-door solicitors or do you have a sign on your front porch. Do
you assault the mailman for delivering junkmail that companies
actually pay the USPS to deliver?

Let's draw analogies!  Maybe we can work in something about Nazis or
drug dealers while we're at it? Hey, computers are just like cars, so
we'll go assault our mechanics.. Wait a minute, I just realized those
analogies have nothing to do with it.

We're talking about flooding spammers off the internet, not mugging
door to door salesmen (although that's not a bad idea)...

Wow.  Obviously you are not responsible for authorizing payment to transit
providers and have no idea how much bandwidth actually might cost an
organization on a perMonth/perMeg basis.

Any carrier that supports a spammer deserves to carry the extra
traffic. I waste hours a week deleting spam. I'll fight a war of
attrition, if nothing else works.

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