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Re: I'm calling for LycosEU heads and team to resign or be sacked
From: "J.A. Terranson" <measl () mfn org>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 22:54:16 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, n3td3v wrote:

I think heads should roll over this.

Excuse me, but who misinformed you that Lycos (a) gives a shit what you
(or I, or anyone else) thinks, or (b) that Lycos is going to listen to
[you||me||anyone] when it comes to personnel decisions?

I think its the worst act a
corporation has ever undertaken in the history of the internet.

Really?  That's pretty strong language.  If this is "the worst act a
corporation has *ever* [emphasis my own] undertaken <blah blah blah>" then
you don't get out much.

think it sends out a bad example to the rest of the security community
that DDoS is acceptable.

Agreed.  This is the first coherent thing you have posted on this.

It is and never will be an acceptable

Agreed to here, but...

effective way to beat spam or any other misuse of the internet.

That is an unknown variable as yet.  Some things can be both wrong and
efficacious at the same time.

therefore ask people in high places and the media to call for the top
people who gave this idea the go ahead to resign or be sacked.


Spammers and hax0rs will not allow Lycos EU to build its bot network
of screensavers,

And you know this, how?

if and when the site comes back online again. I plead
with Lycos EU to not bring the project back online for the sake of
everyone and the wider internet.

More of this and less of the histrionics would bolster your case.

If Lycos EU bring the screensaver site back online, I ask everyone to
isolate them and I suggest business partners of Lycos EU do the same.

And why are you not also calling for the complete isolation of those who
are the root cause of this in the first place?

The screensaver can't be allowed to be a socially acceptable way to
solve any internet based problem.

Social acceptability is, by definition, unique to each society: what's
acceptable here may not be across the street||river||pond||ocean, etc.
That does not mean that it would not be efficacious ;-)

If you don't then, you have just justified the use of DoSS to be an
acceptable solution to a given problem, and nobody will be able to say
its wrong for a script kiddie to DDoS anything to solve a given
problem they have with X location and person.

OOOpps!  That logic is peeking out again!  Quick, call out the histrionics
to hide it before someone thinks you have more than two axons.

The argument that Lycos EU are not DDos'ing  is not washable. Its DDoS
plain and simple. Yep exactly what script kiddies do when they have a
grudge over someone ;-) Lycos EU don't have grudges do they?

You bet they have grudges.  So do a lot of people.  There is also a very
legitimate self defense argument to be made here.  the fact that it is
being completely ignored is almost as scary as the fact that many people
think this DDoS is acceptable.  Do the math (and use both of those axons)
before you open your mouth to answer this one.

Resign or be sacked.

OOohhhh! I'm sure they're just shakin' in their boots now!

Thanks, n3td3v
security enthusiast

"Enthusiast"?  Gimme a break...


J.A. Terranson
sysadmin () mfn org

 Civilization is in a tailspin - everything is backwards, everything is
upside down- doctors destroy health, psychiatrists destroy minds, lawyers
destroy justice, the major media destroy information, governments destroy
freedom and religions destroy spirituality - yet it is claimed to be
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whose community, wealth, love and life is derived from alienation,
poverty, self-hate and medical murder - yet we tell ourselves that it is
biologically and ecologically sustainable.

The Bush plan to screen whole US population for mental illness clearly
indicates that mental illness starts at the top.

Rev Dr Michael Ellner

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