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Re: I'm calling for LycosEU heads and team to resign or be sacked
From: Sean Harlow <sharlow () UTNet UToledo Edu>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 00:39:37 -0500

Micah McNelly wrote:
many of their customers who don't
even KNOW they  have someone generating spam from their network would
unfortunately see a great deal of money lost.

Oh well. Maybe they'll be more careful with who they let on their network next time. If you're not actively making sure that your computer is not spamming me, then I really don't care about you. For a home user, this means using virus protection, firewalls, and keeping everything up to date. For ISPs, this means taking a closer look if one of your customers, be it a business or a home user, is generating an abnormally large amount of SMTP traffic.

Why don't you go physically assault a spammer.

Gladly. Unfortunately, tracking them down to a physical location so I can physically bash their skulls in with a physical baseball bat is a bit hard.

Do you physically assault door-to-door solicitors or do you have a sign on your front porch.

I have a fence with a locked gate. Only those who I want getting in can do so, and if someone tried to jump the fence, then they are trespassing, and my dog and weapons would come out.

On my network, I have a firewall, IDS, and spam filter. That's the fence. Anyone who tries to get through the fence, either with brute force (rapid-fire worm attacks) or sneakiness (Én1ârgë yôùr pënïs, etc...) has now trespassed, when it was clear that I don't want them there.

I'm not saying I support the use of a DDoS attack against them, I'm just saying that I'm not going to feel sorry if a few big-time spammers get a hefty bandwidth bill at the end of the month.

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