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Re: MacOSX -FreeBSD
From: Stephen Menard <smenard () nbnet nb ca>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 17:46:16 -0400

 from Apple's web Darwin Mac OSX Opensource Pages

Mach 3.0 Kernel AND FreeBSD kernel (portions) 4.8 BSD
FreeBSD libraries (libc) 5.0/5.1 BSD

It has been mentioned OS X doesn't use procfs UNVERIFIED
------------THIS May indicate Heavy Lifting required when bug hunting -----
-------------------------Very cross-port implemented-----------------
Mac OS X provides a robust set of optimized libraries, making it easy to port your existing UNIX code. For example, a standard, multithreaded C library (libc) includes support for such capabilities as reentrant variants of standard functions (such as strtok_r), facilitating the porting of thread-aware applications to Mac OS X. For applications that require non-Roman character sets, Mac OS X supports wide character datatypes (wchar_t and others). Panther also supports UNIX/Linux portability APIs, including System V semaphores, so porting applications from versions of UNIX such as Linux and Solaris presents no problem.
Let's get a little more Accurate

External Open Source projects used by Apple:

Kernel / Libraries
CCE's (e)fax 0.9a-001114 GPL
Common Unix Printing System 1.1.19 Special
dlcompat (dlopen/dlclose) BSD
FreeBSD kernel (portions) 4.8 BSD
FreeBSD libraries (libc) 5.0/5.1 BSD
gimp-print drivers 4.2.5 GPL
GNOME xml C library (libxml2) 2.5.4 MIT
GNU libiconv 1.9 LGPL
International Components for UNICODE (ICU) 2.6 MIT
iODBC Driver Manager 3.0.6 BSD
KHTML (WebCore), KJS (JavaScriptCore) 3.0.1+ LGPL
ncurses MIT
poll (shim on select) 1.2 BSD
X11 (XFree86) 4.3 MIT

bash 2.05 GPL
enscript 1.6.1 GPL
expect 5.38.0 Public
perl 5.8.1-RC3 Artistic
PHP (apache_mod_php) 4.3.2 Apache
Python 2.3 GPL
ruby 1.6.8 BSD
tcl 8.4.4 Other
tcsh 6.12.00 BSD
zsh 4.1.1 MIT

bc 1.05 GPL
bzip2 1.0.2 BSD

chess GPL
curl 7.10.2 BSD
diff (diffutils) 2.7 GPL
dscl APSL
emacs 21.2 GPL
gnuserv GPL
gnutar 1.13.25 GPL
grep 2.4.2 GPL
groff 1.18.1 GPL
gzip (zlib) 1.2.4 GPL
less 378 GPL
screen 3.09.15 GPL
srm 1.2.7 MIT
texinfo 4.6 GPL
vim 6.2 Public
Networking / Security
Apache 1.3.28 Apache
apache_mod_ssl BSD
BIND 9.2.2 BSD
CAST-128 & Blowfish encryption 0.9.7b BSD
Common Data Security Arch. APSL
fetchmail 6.1.2 GPL
IPv6/IPsec 20010528 BSD
Kerberos for Macintosh 5.0 (krb5 1.3) MIT
net_snmp 5.0.8 BSD
ntp Public
OpenSSH 3.6.1p1+CAN-2003-0693 BSD
OpenSSL 0.9.7b BSD
PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules 0.76+ GPL
postfix mail transfer agent IBM
procmail 3.21 Artistic
rsync 2.5.6 GPL
SAMBA (SMB File sharing) 3.0.0rc2 GPL
sudo 1.6.6 BSD
tcp_wrappers Other
tcpdump 3.6-cvs BSD
xinetd 2.3.11 BSD

Apache httpd 2 Apache
Axis 1.1 Apache
Berkeley DB4 for OpenLDAP & Cyrus Sleepycat
Cyrus IMAP mail server Other
mailman GPL
MySQL 4.0.14 GPL
OpenLDAP Other
SquirrelMail 1.4.1 GPL
Tomcat 4.1.24 Apache

X11 for Mac OS X — Use legacy UNIX-based programs via the X11R6.6 X Windows display server integrated with Quartz compositor.

FreeBSD 5 — Use the latest commands and libraries from the popular FreeBSD distribution.

gcc 3.3 — Generate code using the latest C, C++, Objective-C open source compiler with optimizations for the G5 processor.

pstopdf command line tool — Convert PostScript Level 3 documents to PDF via command line tool.

Updated UNIX man pages — Learn system command line tools more easily with significant update to collection of system man pages.

Activity Monitor — Display processes, CPU, system memory, disk activity and networking status via new utility.

Improved Terminal Application — Use command line tools via Terminal, now with improved emulation and double-byte encodings.

Kerberized SMB, AFP, SSH, Mail — Use system services that support Kerberos single-sign on authentication tickets.

Latest Scripting Languages — Use the best tool for the job by selecting from a full collection of UNIX scripting languages, such as perl, PHP and Python, updated to latest versions.

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