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Re: I'm calling for LycosEU heads and team to resign or be sacked
From: "Pavel Kankovsky" <peak () argo troja mff cuni cz>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 01:06:32 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, n3td3v wrote:

It is and never will be an acceptable and effective way to beat spam or
any other misuse of the internet. [...]
Spammers and hax0rs will not allow Lycos EU to build its bot network
of screensavers, if and when the site comes back online again.

Why would they bother "not allow Lycos EU to..." if it was not an 
effective way to harm their so-called business? They bothered ergo it
must have had the potential to harm them.

Of course it was pretty stupid to try to fight those bastards using a
system with a single point of failure (both in technical and legal

The screensaver can't be allowed to be a socially acceptable way to
solve any internet based problem.

Desperate situations demand desperate measures. The spammers are
*already* DDoSing us (*). And it gets worse every day. Retaliation might 
be questionable from the ethical point of view but it is be one of the 
last weapons left in our arsenal.

(*) For instance, one of our servers was joe-jobbed in June. The poor
machine was unable to handle the extra traffic (400-500 mails/hour) and
kept crashing until I blacklisted most of the zombies in a rather
brutal way (the blacklist consists of several /8 and tens of /16 blocks!).
It reduced the traffic to an acceptable level (tens/hour) but they still
have not given up. They've been joe-jobbing one machine for five months
without an interruption! You got to admire such persistence!

--Pavel Kankovsky aka Peak  [ Boycott Microsoft--http://www.vcnet.com/bms ]
"Resistance is futile. Open your source code and prepare for assimilation."

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