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Re: I'm calling for LycosEU heads and team to resign or be sacked
From: Pierre-Yves Bonnetain <py.bonnetain () ba-cst com>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 17:36:19 +0100


Bob Smith wrote:
The Internet has always been about vigilante justice. Aside from exceptionally egregious cases of wrongdoing, like sexually explicit
 material with children, fraud, or flagrant piracy, the Internet
exists and operates beyond the boundaries of any one nation's laws.
It is up to the people to self regulate.

Self regulate is NOT self retaliate.

And if the spammers don't like my packets being sent to their
system, all they have to do is send me a polite e-mail asking to be
removed from my flood-list. It is really quite simple!

Then, what will you do when (not IF) you'll receive X bazillions (say, one message per 100 packets send) polite emails requesting you to remove such-and-such random IP from your flood-list ? Will you really deal with all of those messages ?

I DO agree that strong measures should be taken against spammers. Legal ones, that is. No other way to keep a civilized society still civilized.

My .02 euros.
Pierre-Yves Bonnetain
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